We do seem to live in a world where we are flooded with advertisements regardless of where we turn to, and this has led to a great distaste for ads. Virgin Mobile has decided to take that rather distasteful situation and turn it around, by making use of such contempt and “transferring” it into yet another ad. Yes, I know that it sounds rather mind boggling to get around at first, but this ad campaign by Virgin Mobile is slightly special as you might actually miss out on it whenever you blink.


Just how does this particular ad campaign work? Well, for starters, it will make use of your webcam as well as your eyes’ movement. Calling the process “BlinkWashing”, Virgin Mobile decided to ask for the assistance of digital production lab Rehabstudio as well as YouTube production company Greencard Studios in order to churn out an eye-teaser for Mac and PC computers. Whenever you start the YouTube video, you will be prompted to let Virgin access your webcam. When the proper calibration measures are in place, you are then shown a series of various ads, and blinking would see you transit to a different ad. So far, the webcam seems to be rather accurate in its response, and I do wonder what happens when you put up a portrait of yourself in front of the camera all the time.

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