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Google Earth Takes You on a Virtual Voyage of the Titanic
In conjunction with the anniversary of the biggest maritime accident during peacetime the world has ever seen, has highlighted the journey taken by the Titanic that can be viewed on Google Earth with a KML file that can be downloaded here or from its website. Apparently after the legendary ship collided with the iceberg it broke into two pieces and sank. James Cameron who directed the movie based on […]

Virtual boarding agents at Orly airport in Paris
So you have a non-human DJ who is about to hit the airwaves soon, and boarding agents might be next on the cost-cutting exercise block. Virtual boarding agents, if all goes well, could be the next “upgrade” at airports wherever you go. If you are at Orly airport in Paris, France, then do keep a lookout for these virtual boarding agents that have a perpetual smile on them, and best […]

iRacing virtual Indy 500 finals to be streamed live online and on jumbo-tron screens
As we approach the finals of this year’s Indy 500 race, another subset of racers are gearing up to step into the track as well – albeit virtually. has announced  that its annual online Indy 500 racing competition will be broadcasted on the big screen this year. Keyboard racers back at home have a shot of being a superstar beyond the confines of their own bedrooms or circle of […]

VMware View Client for iPad
VMware has released VMware View, a new client for iPad that lets users access their virtual Windows  systems from the iPad. Aimed mainly at (large?) businesses, the new client would allow iPad users to run Windows applications on a remote server, from an iPad. Business have traditionally been using the Windows platform, but VMware argues that the viewer is a great way to operate Windows  app from a tablet.The VMware […]


Virtual router is super cheap but excellent performer
Cheap and good – now that’s a mantra that might be what most people are looking at in these economically challenging times, but such devices/services/items are hard to come by. South Korean researchers could be onto something with a new software-based router which pulls far ahead of its competition when performance results are compared. After all, this virtual box is touted to transmit data at 40Gbps, which is a whole […]

Air Hair Virtual Haircut Training
Student hairdressers are always going to have trouble finding folks who are willing to let them try their skills on their hair, and that’s probably why the smart folks over at the Tokyo Institute of Technology are working on Air Hair, a virtual haircutting experience that lets students cut the hair of a digital avatar using a special pair of scissors. It looks like a good way for students to […]

Second Life lay off: times are tough for virtual worlds too
As an adjustment to the economic situation, Linden Labs -the company behind Second Life- will lay off 30% of its staff to increase its bottom-line. The company says that it will focus on making virtual good the top income-generator in the future. We’re not sure about what the current state of business is today, but at some point, Linden Labs was making a lot of money by creating virtual worlds […]

Zebris FDM-T Treadmill Offers You Virtual Surroundings
If it’s a rainy day and you don’t feel like going out to exercise in the rain, it’s perfectly understandable, but if you happen to have the Zebris Medical FDM-T Treadmill, you wouldn’t have much of an excuse not to exercise anymore. What this treadmill offers is a virtual environment of your choosing to move around in. You can enjoy taking a walk on a forest path or on a […]

Apple Gets Patent To Improve The Experience Of Virtual Stores
Considering that the future is going to rely heavily on virtual goods and services, Apple seems to have gotten a rather nice patent under its belt, specifically a patent for improving the user experience in a 3D virtual Apple Store. While virtual shopping might be fun, it can also lack a certain feel that users experience in traditional stores. Apple goes into quite a bit of detail of things such as […]