In conjunction with the anniversary of the biggest maritime accident during peacetime the world has ever seen, has highlighted the journey taken by the Titanic that can be viewed on Google Earth with a KML file that can be downloaded here or from its website. Apparently after the legendary ship collided with the iceberg it broke into two pieces and sank. James Cameron who directed the movie based on that particular story went deep into the details when trying to portray the sinking of the cruise ship as accurately as possible.

After that though, it seemed that there were some errors as to how the ship actually sank. Although he is not going to correct them in 3D remake of the movie, he has released a CGI animated video (above) that is apparently the most accurate version thus far about the ship’s journey to the bottom of the sea. The first of the two differences which are highlighted between the movie and the allegedly accurate rendering are that the angle of the ship when it broke in the movie was very large as opposed to the current rendering which shows it to be at about 23 degrees.

The movie showed that at the moment of sinking, the ship went almost vertical for awhile before it began to sink, the rendering shows that the ship begun sinking a bit before it reached a vertical position which it didn’t hold. As tragic as it is, this marvelous work is the result of research and passion for the iconic ship and while it doesn’t have the same drama and emotions of the 1997 hit movie, it is still an interesting watch.

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