Heads up Android users, it looks like there’s more malware headed your way although this time it looks like it could be limited to just China for now. Security researchers Trend Micro has reportedly discovered a new Android malware that disguises itself as an e-book application. Called “ANDROIDS_ANSERVER.A”, its distribution comes mainly from Chinese app stores. Due to Android Market not officially available in China, Android users in China usually end up relying on third party app stores, which could explain how this malware has made its way around.

Upon installation, the malware will request for extensive permissions that are not usually asked for by actual e-bookapps. For seasoned smartphone users and Android users, this should already raise some red flags, but unfortunately there will always be users who may not be familiar with such apps or permissions and will gladly grant them to proceed using the app.

What makes this malware particularly interesting is that not only does it connect to a regular server to upload data and receive its commands, but that it also connects to a blog, which Trend Micro has discovered contains encrypted posts and binary files. The blog acts mainly as a backup control should the malware’s server go down for whatever reason. It is not known what the extent of infections this malware has managed to cause so far, but once again, make sure your apps have proper reviews and try to avoid suspicious third party app stores.

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