Google Voice SearchThe folks over at Google Australia were wondering how come not many people in the country were using its Google Voice Search app despite it being able to understand Australian accents. So in order to prove a point, they decided to visit the South Australian desert, set up a long distance voice search – 50 meters to be exact, and put Google Voice Search to the test.


And if being able to recognize thick accents over a long distance wasn’t impressive enough, another Google team went to the Great Barrier Reef there to test Google Voice Search underwater. Granted they didn’t bring the phone underwater, but with the setup they used to transmit voice from underwater to the phone that was on a ship, it might as well have been. And despite the fuzzy transmission, Google Voice Search managed to recognize what they were searching for, which is pretty remarkable. Perhaps next time they can use a waterproof phone instead?

Check out the videos after the break. Have you performed any remarkable searches using Google Voice Search lately?

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