Google has rolled out a new version of its Chrome browser earlier this morning, which would normally result in us just updating our software and continuing onto our day. But this update is one you’re going to want to grab immediately as its recently unveiled conversational search has been slipped into this release.

Google’s conversational search was debuted at Google I/O last week and allows users to conduct a query in a more natural way that doesn’t focus on keywords, but instead allows you to talk how you would normally ask a question to another person. Once you have updated your version of Google Chrome, you’ll need to visit to then click on the microphone icon in order to start a “conversation.” In our testing, our questions were answered accurately, although from time to time, we were told we didn’t have an Internet connection, although we clearly did.

Conversational search isn’t the only improvement Google has rolled out into Chrome 27 as web pages will load 5% faster than previous versions of the browser were able to as well as containing new API for developers of Chrome Store packaged apps which allow offline functionality. A total of 14 security flaws have also been rolled out in Chrome 27.

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