Opera released an update of its desktop web browser earlier this year which included a built-in VPN. The VPN enables users to hide their IP addresses by routing their traffic through a third-party server, this allows them to maintain anonymity and even bypass geographical restrictions. Opera has taken its VPN ambitions one step further today by releasing a standalone VPN app for Android.

Quite a lot of people use VPNs for a variety of reasons. Some simply want to protect their identity while browsing the internet while others want to work around geographical restrictions.

Free VPN services do exist but for a better user experience, many have to purchase a VPN subscription which can cost anywhere from a couple of dollars to over ten dollars per month.

Opera today released an application called Opera VPN for Android and it does what the name suggests. Android users can take advantage of this app to protect their internet connection and anonymously use the internet.

It offers several region options as well so users can decide which region they want to connect to, regions offered include the United States, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and Singapore. That’s not even the best part. Opera VPN for Android is absolutely free. Opera has already released a free VPN app for iOS.

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