Nowadays, the info structure of different enterprises requires the inclusion of distant offices and branches. How to include a new segment of the enterprise in an integrated corporate net? Conduct your own wired channel? It’s expensive and not always possible due to remoteness or difficulties with installation in the city overloaded with wired communications. Use a wireless channel? It is not too cheap and poorly noise-resistant, as well as difficulties with very distant objects can occur.

Ways to Work with Distant Employees

It is suggested to use public channels; for instance, work through the Internet. Are you afraid it will be possible to intercept information from your corporate net? To prevent this, you just need to use the best VPN technology, which has proven itself perfectly.

The essence of Virtual Private Network is that with the help of special software, an encrypted channel is created on top of a public network in an already established linkage which provides high protection of information transmitted.

How to make distant access safeguarded? The following protection mechanisms can be used to organize the work of remote employees:

  • Access control system – centralized access control to the company’s IT resources.
  • Resisting attacks means (protecting the internal network and employees from attacks).
  • VPN organization tool – hardware devices, software solutions, firewall extensions, etc. The main pro of a hardware device when using a VPN is the uniqueness of the private key. It is due to the fact that the private key from the device cannot be copied and reproduced. After all, if the authentication tool is not unique, you can’t be sure that the user who has access is the user to whom this access has been assigned.

Reading VPN reviews, you can find a lot of options for choosing the perfect service. Often, a decision should be made based on what equipment and software are already used in the company, and which programs the system administrator has the skill to configure.

Why VPN is Required

A VPN has long been used to ensure online privacy. It guarantees a high level of confidentiality for computers and Internet users. How it works: the program creates a digital tunnel through which traffic will be redirected protecting the linkage from third parties.

To do this, the connection is made through remote servers masking your IP address, often with the addition of encryption and other security functions, which makes it almost impossible for third parties to identify the network and personal device.

VPN services gain in popularity with each passing day. Hardly anyone doesn’t surf the Internet on an everyday basis; here people watch movies, download music, maintain business correspondence, chat with their friends. However, more and more users cannot get access to one or another website or even find out they have been hacked.

That’s exactly why millions of people from across the world take advantage of VPN services which help them avoid all the dangers when going online and easily access any website even if it’s banned.

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