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Wacom Bamboo Stylus Mini
When it comes to digitizer tablets, there is one name in the industry that definitely stands up and above from the rest of the pack, and that would be none other than Wacom. I am quite sure that graphics professionals as well as digital artists have had their fair share of action with a Wacom digitizer tablet in the past (or even the present), but here is an idea – […]

Wacom Cintiq 13HD Announced
Wacom has just announced their latest interactive pen display, where it is known as the Wacom Cintiq 13HD which will target creative professionals who work in areas such as design, art and image editing. Of course, some of the sharper tools in the shed would know that the Wacom Cintiq 13HD will feature a 13-inch HD display, in addition to an adjustable stand as well as an improved Pro Pen […]

Wacom HD Mobile Tablet In The Pipeline
So, the dust over at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, has settled, and we are done with the second big show of the year, and are looking forward to what CeBIT has to offer next. Since we have reverted to regular programming, so to speak, how about a little teaser from the likes of Wacom? The famous digitizer tablet manufacturer has decided to use Facebook as the avenue of choice, posting […]

Samsung Purchases 5% Of Wacom To Further Strengthen Its Stylus
Samsung Galaxy Note users are probably extremely familiar with their S-Pen as it’s accompanied both Galaxy Note devices and the Galaxy Note 10.1 and add something to those devices that no other pen-like accessory can accomplish. If you’re not a fan of the Galaxy Note’s stylus, it looks as though you’ll be stuck with it for some time as Samsung has made an investment in a company, which indicates its […]


Wacom announces availability of Bamboo Stylus pocket for tablets
Given that Apple’s iPad was not originally designed to be used with styluses, there is no place to keep a stylus if you were to use one. Sure you could put them into your pocket or bag, but since it isn’t actually attached to the tablet, you could forget to bring it out with you. Wacom is hoping that make styluses for the iPad a little more obvious and has […]

Wacom Bamboo Splash makes an appearance
Are you pretty decent with a piece of pen (or pencil) and paper, and would like to take things to the next frontier? If that is the case, then you might be interested in working with a digital tablet instead, no? Here is a scenario that you might want to consider – the Wacom Bamboo Splash could be the ideal device for you. The Bamboo range from Wacom is said […]

Wacom unveils Bamboo Duo stylus with built in ballpoint pen
While there are styluses out there that offer a stylus function and a pen built into the same device, we’re sure that many out there would ultimately prefer Wacom’s Bamboo stylus which has been rated as one of the better styluses available in the market. Well the good news for those looking for a two-in-one solution is that the company has recently outed the Wacom Bamboo Duo stylus that offers […]

Wacom introduces Intuos5 professional pen tablet
It’s been awhile since Wacom introduced its last professional pen tablet the Intuos4, and now it looks like the company feels it’s time for a refresh. Wacom has just announced the introduction of the Intuos5 its next generation pen tablet for professional photographers, designers and artists who wish to take their digital content creation to the next level. In case you’re unfamiliar with the Intuos, it is basically a drawing […]

Wacom unveils revamped Bamboo Connect, Capture and Create
Are you an artist or designer that requires a graphics tablet in order to get your work done? If you are, the brand Wacom is probably one that is very familiar to you, and the good news is that the company has recently remade their line of tablets, which they are claiming will allow you to get the most range possible for touch input.

Wacom Cintiq 24HD spotted
The Wacom Cintiq 24HD arrived at the FCC in August, and it certainly caused quite a stir back then. There was not much revealed when it hit the FCC, but at least we now have great looking images of the Cintiq 24HD, least of all a 24″ HD display that supports a resolution of ]1,920 x 1,200 pixels. Not only that, Wacom has also thrown in a stand into the […]

Wacom Inkling takes sketching to a whole new level
Love sketching but you’re unsatisfied with the quality sketches you get from a regular tablet? While this isn’t a problem for a lot of artists (just pay a visit to Deviant Art to have a look at all the fantastic images done digitally), for some people, the feel of sketching on paper makes a big difference and they can’t seem to work on the surface of a graphic tablet. Hence, […]

Wacom's Bamboo Paper App Complements The Bamboo Stylus For iPad
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Wacom, they are a company from Japan that produces graphic tablets that digital animators and artists these days use in order to create their their art on the computer, through the use of a stylus that is meant to mimic a pen, as how they would draw if they were using pen and paper.Prior to the release of the Bamboo Paper app, […]

Wacom shows off Bamboo stylus for capacitive touchscreens
Wacom, the one of the leading manufacturer of industry-standard drawing tablets has decided to dip its toes into the tablet market segment with the introduction of styluses that work with capacitive touchscreens. Wacom demonstrated the Bamboo Stylus at the Gadget Show Live last week, and according to reports, it’s pretty impressive.The Bamboo Stylus weighs 20g, which lends it a premium feel that usually isn’t found in most capacitive styluses available […]

Wacom DTU-2231 and DTU-1631 product pages are up
Want to pick up a tablet device? The Wacom DTU-2231 and the DTU-1631 product pages are now up and running, being the latest two models on offer that offers a more business-oriented approach instead of the more popular graphic-design purposed Cintiq tablets. Both models will offer large levels of pressure sensitivity, being able to sync with projectors or another monitor for presentations, anti-glare displays and a couple of USB ports […]