Are you an artist or designer that requires a graphics tablet in order to get your work done? If you are, the brand Wacom is probably one that is very familiar to you, and the good news is that the company has recently remade their line of tablets, which they are claiming will allow you to get the most range possible for touch input.

Starting with the Bamboo Connect, this is Wacom’s entry-level tablet and is catered for those who may not need such a huge amount of input. It uses a wireless, battery-free 1,024 pressure pen for control and measures 5.8”x3.6”. Those looking to get into graphics design or just need a simple tablet for basic editing can expect to pay $80 for the Bamboo Connect, which will also come with Autodesk’s Sketchbook Express.

Next up is the Capture which is the same size as the Connect, with the main difference being that it also adds multi-touch support for finger gestures in apps and operating systems that support it, such as Apple’s Mac OS X. It will come with programmable buttons and will be bundled with Adobe’s Photoshop Elements. Unlike its predecessor, this generation of Captures is said to have faster input sampling which will help improve accuracy. The Capture will be available for $100.

Last but not least is the Create, which is targeted at professionals and artists who require a larger surface area. It measures 8.5” by 5.4”, and its pen comes with a pressure-based “eraser” and will come bundled with Corel Painter Essentials, which in total will set you back $200. Both the Capture and Create will also have the option of adding on a RF wireless module, which will allow to use tablet wirelessly, although it was not specified as to how long you will be able to use it for before charging. The RF wireless module is expected to cost $39.

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