Zypad WL 1500 brings back Dick Tracy moments

Remember all those years ago when cell phones were as large as a rock, and weighed a ton? Back then, comics which were syndicated in newspapers was the rice bowl for many a comic artist, and who could ever forget the iconic Dick Tracy detective with this watch phone (or was it a phone watch)? Fast forward to 2011 and we have the Zypad WL 1500 which is a wearable […]

Celsius X VI II LeDix watch phone

Feature phones are actually pretty “meh” in our books, but once in a while something different comes along that stops you in your tracks. What are we referring to? The Celsius X VI II LeDix watch phone, of course. Having hit the FCC, the main thing that helps it stand apart from the rest would be the handset’s cover that shows off an intricate collection of gears and springs, that […]

Concept: PCOD Ultrathin And Lightweight Wearable Smartphone

Mankind seems to have some strange obsession with wristwatch cell phone designs; perhaps it has something to do with Dick Tracy. Now an Irish designer has come up with an ultra thin and light wearable phone concept, dubbed the PCOD (Personal Communications and Organization Device), which can honestly be summed in a single word as a “smartphone”. The PCOD offers useful features such as a 10-megapixel camera, anti-shake camera, GPS, […]

Q8 Dual SIM watch phone

Having two SIM cards on a single phone is a sign of someone who has either too much money to spend, or they want to have the convenience of having separate numbers for personal and social use without carrying a couple of handsets wherever they go. That’s fine and dandy, but what happens when you carry that idea onto a watch phone? That’s the case with the $130 Q8 watch […]


Assassin watch phone

So Thanko came up with a Bluetooth-capable timepiece that connects to your cellphone, functioning as a hands-free device. Chinavasion goes one up with the Assassin Watch Phone – this quad-band watch phone comes with a touchscreen display as well as multimedia playback capability, although we don’t think you would appreciate watching Avatar on such a tiny 1.3″ display. Still, it sports an integrated digital camera, a Bluetooth connection, a miniSD memory […]

Thrifty Watch Phone

Looks like the folks behind the Thrifty Watch Phone are going to go up againt Neutrano’s Nutec WristFone, where it comes with seemingly much more advanced specifications including an MP3 player, video recording capability, PDA services and a built-in media player. This quad band GSM device will also sport a 1.3″ touchscreen LCD display that supposedly makes it easier to navigate through the menu system – good luck if you […]

LG GD910 watch phone redesigned

LG’s GD910 watch phone caused quite a stir when it was first revealed to the masses, but this time round someone spotted a subtly redesigned version of the £500 timepiece, where it comes with a wee bit more curves alongside a new logo placement that is on top instead of being at the bottom of the display. No idea on whether the changes were just cosmetic or there is more […]

LG To Sell LG-GD910 3G Watch Phone

Months after it was first unveiled at CES earlier this year, the LG-GD910 3G watch phone will finally go on sale in Europe first, followed by the rest of the world this July. Touted to be the first watch phone in the world with 3G/HSDPA support, you will be able to carry out your video calls on this, with a brilliant 1.43″ color touchscreen LCD display making sure every single […]