Concept: PCOD Ultrathin And Lightweight Wearable Smartphone

Mankind seems to have some strange obsession with wristwatch cell phone designs; perhaps it has something to do with Dick Tracy. Now an Irish designer has come up with an ultra thin and light wearable phone concept, dubbed the PCOD (Personal Communications and Organization Device), which can honestly be summed in a single word as a “smartphone”. The PCOD offers useful features such as a 10-megapixel camera, anti-shake camera, GPS, MP3 playback, built-in storage, PIM features, games and even third-party apps. The PCOD also offers a super long battery life along with a 64GB SSD for storage purposes. The user interface is customizable and the holder and straps are swappable to suit your mood or preference. It’s water resistant, which is good news, as you’re bound to be caught in the rain sooner or later.


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