Remember all those years ago when cell phones were as large as a rock, and weighed a ton? Back then, comics which were syndicated in newspapers was the rice bowl for many a comic artist, and who could ever forget the iconic Dick Tracy detective with this watch phone (or was it a phone watch)? Fast forward to 2011 and we have the Zypad WL 1500 which is a wearable handset, boasting a 3″ 320 x 240 resolution color TFT display that has a resistive touch panel, 802.11b/g/ Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity with optional 3G. Apart from that, it will also feature a 2.5mm audio jack (the source says inch – I think that’s just ridiculous), a speaker and an integrated microphone – and to further save energy, there is an ambient light sensor to go along with it. Not exactly the fastest wristwatch phone in the world, it will run on a 5-year old Marvell PXA320 processor and Windows CE 6.0 as the operating system of choice. No idea on pricing or availability though.


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