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Fool-proof violin concept will teach anyone how to play the instrument
In my younger years, the violin was one of the many instruments I was made to learn. Unfortunately the lack of frets on a violin made it quite tricky and seeing the fool-proof Violin concept makes me wish that it was a reality back in the day. Designed by Jaewon Hwang, the WAVE electric violin concept has been designed in such a way that it will make learning the violin […]

Jabra WAVE – now in red and with A2DP support
Jabra has announced the launch of its new Jabra WAVE Bluetooth mono headset. Previously only available in black, the wireless headset is now available in a jazzy red color with an additional feature – A2DP functionality which allows users to stream music from their smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player in addition to its standard function as a hands-free device for your smartphone. The Jabra WAVE also features HD Voice technology […]

White Samsung Wave 3 seen in the wild
The Bada operating system from Samsung has not exactly caught the imagination of the masses, and looks set to remain in a niche group of products even from Samsung themselves. Having said that, at least Samsung is not abandoning the Bada platform entirely. Some sharp eyed folks (with a fast camera of course) were able to shoot a video of the white Samsung Wave 3, which is very different from […]

Samsung considering bringing Bada into US market
Samsung’s very own mobile platform, Bada, has done well for itself in Europe, and with the smartphone platform market in the US starting to look a bit crowded with Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone and Symbian just to name a few, what will happen if you throw Bada into the mix?


Samsung Wave 3 to be released in October
Samsung’s next generation bada phone, the Samsung Wave 3, wasn’t given a release date when it was announced together with the Wave M and Wave Y phones last month. But today at the bada developer day in India, a Samsung executive confirmed a release date for the Wave 3. The Samsung Wave 3 will be released in Europe sometime next month. No word on a US release date, but seeing […]

Ships to harvest power from waves
Going green often involves the following – driving a hybrid vehicle or an all-electric car, or perhaps being in possession of solar-powered devices around the home as well. Well, how about those who are rich enough to own their private yachts? Perhaps Andre Sharon’s new concept might be utilized, where he intends to outfit ships with a wave-power system that will harvest energy, delivering it back to a power grid […]

New commenting feature for Google Docs
Google has just announced a brand new feature for their online document editing software, Google Docs. Users viewing or editing the same document can now chat with each other in real-time using the comments feature. The comments appear on the sidebar like tweets, with profile pictures, timestamps and users can even use “@” to direct their comments at other users. If users are too busy to open up the document […]

iStep Wave digital foot analysis system
Want to know how you’re feeling for real on a particular occasion? Instead of going through the list of your health charts, you might want to give the iStep Wave digital foot analysis system a go. The technology that goes behind this will be able to analyze the reasons behind any pain or injury that you might be experiencing at the moment while delivering a solution in all of 20 […]

Pukas and Technalia creates the world’s most advanced surfboard
We’ve come a long way since the first surfboard was ever invented. Due to advances in technology, we now have boards that are more than just simple planks of wood, carved into the right shape. Pukas and Tecnalia recently came up with an advanced surfboard packed with electronics that allow it to wirelessly communicate with a computer – giving surfers a better analysis of how they performed while out at […]

WAVE Ultra Sonic Wine Ager And Refrigerator concept
Love popping open bottles of wine whenever you throw a party? Then might we suggest you look into the WAVE Ultra Sonic Wine Ager And Refrigerator concept if it ever becomes reality. After all, this appliance will boast two-layered shelves with inner walls that emit ultrasonic waves, where it will go about acting on the wine molecules to age them. A custom touchscreen interface will help you navigate your way […]

Samsung takes a stab at Apple's Retina Display, explained
During the WWDC keynote, Steve Jobs has spent a copious amount of time describing how great the Retina Display is. Based on the same IPS technology than the iPad display, it offers slightly higher resolution when compared to current OLED offerings. That’s true, but not so fast, says Samsung: OLED displays suck 30% less power according to the Korean company which is also the worldwide leader in OLED. Of course, […]

Samsung Wave -- Hands On
[Mobile World Congress 2010] Samsung has just announced the Samsung Wave, and I was fortunate to get my hands on it for a short time – not long enough to provide anything remotely close to a review, but sufficiently to write a “first impressions” post. The device is solidly built and the crown’s jewel is the new AMOLED display (call it AMOLED 2 if you want), which is better than […]