Samsung’s very own mobile platform, Bada, has done well for itself in Europe, and with the smartphone platform market in the US starting to look a bit crowded with Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone and Symbian just to name a few, what will happen if you throw Bada into the mix?

While we have no idea if the US market will react favorably to Samsung’s Bada platform, the South Korean company has mentioned that they are considering launching the Bada platform in the US market. Based on Samsung’s senior manager of strategy’s words, this move is still under consideration by Samsung, and by no means should be taken as an actual move by the company.

“I think that [launching bada in the United States] is something that’s always going to be under consideration,” said Samsung’s Chris Martinez, senior manager of strategy for the company.

It’s not surprising that Samsung is considering such a move, especially since the company has reportedly managed to move 5 million Bada handsets outside of the US, which when compared to the 6 million Samsung Galaxy S2 that it has shipped internationally isn’t exactly too far behind. Verizon has even gone as far as mentioning that Bada could be a possible contender against Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, but ironically enough the carrier does not offer any Bada-powered handsets in their portfolio.

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