Want to know how you’re feeling for real on a particular occasion? Instead of going through the list of your health charts, you might want to give the iStep Wave digital foot analysis system a go. The technology that goes behind this will be able to analyze the reasons behind any pain or injury that you might be experiencing at the moment while delivering a solution in all of 20 seconds. This is made possible thanks to the patented technology involved, where over 3,700 gold plated barometric sensors are used to measure the foot pressure for every 0.25cm2, while you get more than 1,300 infrared LEDs and receptors for every half millimeter. In order to send data and results to you on an iPod touch, BlackBerry or compatible smartphone, Bluetooth connectivity is used. Not only that, you can tweet or post an image of your foot scan on Facebook to let the world know about your general health condition.


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