In my younger years, the violin was one of the many instruments I was made to learn. Unfortunately the lack of frets on a violin made it quite tricky and seeing the fool-proof Violin concept makes me wish that it was a reality back in the day. Designed by Jaewon Hwang, the WAVE electric violin concept has been designed in such a way that it will make learning the violin a piece of cake. It won’t turn you into a master player or a superstar composer, but it should give you the hang of the basics.

Basically this concept violin comes with tactile and braille-like indicators built into the violin which will tell players where their fingers ought to be placed. It even comes with an accelerometer to ensure that players are seated/standing in proper form (violinists will know what I’m talking about). In fact, it has been designed so that when it detects the player is not in the proper form, the electric violin will turn off and force players to readjust their stance. Pretty cool, huh?

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