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HP Webcam HD 5210 lets you Skype in HD
If there’s one thing great about technology, it’s the ability to keep in touch with the people we care about even though they’re thousands of miles away. We’ve come a long way since the introduction of 320 x 240 webcams (remember those days?) and now HD video calling is slowly becoming the standard. HP’s latest entry to the webcam market, the HP Webcam HD 5210 is one such camera.

Use your webcam to fix your sitting posture
If you’re sitting in front of the computer all day (for work or for play), having a good posture is pretty important, especially if you want to avoid chronic back problems later in life. There are many ways to deal with it – you can get a ergonomic chair that forces you to sit up with good posture, you can get somebody who’s willing to watch over you while you’re […]

Alien USB webcam is larger than life
Do you love purchasing official movie merchandise, especially when they are of the tech and geeky variety? Well, Disney and Pixar worked hand in hand to deliver a limited edition Alien webcam that stands at 15″ tall – definitely a far cry from those really, really small computer peripherals that you see on most desks. This Alien USB webcam is larger than life, so to speak, and will be a […]

Computer repair guy arrested for voyeurism
A computer repair guy, Trevor Harwell, was recently arrested for multiple charges of computer access and fraud. He was found guilty for placing a program on laptops that were sent over to the place he was working on for repair. Called Camcapture, it allowed him to remotely control the webcam of the user’s laptop, to let him capture images while they weren’t looking. To make sure that the girls were […]


Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD webcam
The advent of broadband connectivity across numerous countries have made video calls and video conferences all the more convenient and less choppy, also thanks in part to efficient software such as Skype and other instant messaging programs with video call support. Well, the webcam industry isn’t the most exciting one to be in, but at least there is progresso on the hardware front from time to time such as Creative […]

Logitech TV Cam for Skype
Logitech has just released a high-end web cam for… HDTVs. At the moment, the Logitech TV Cam for Skype only works with HDTVs from the Panasonic VIERA line that have the “connect-enabled ” feature. However, you can be sure that, in-time, other brand will join the party. In any case, with a 1Mbps (upload) connection, users can start making video calls in HD* from their television.

Man arrested in Toronto over webcam killing
The police in Toronto have arrested a 29-year-old man who has allegedly murdered a 23-year-old exchange student while her friend in China watched over webcam. The friend in China was talking to her over webcam, when she stopped for awhile to answer the door early in the morning. The witness claimed he saw, through the webcam chat, the girl open the door for a man who was seemingly asking to […]

Witness turns your Mac into a security camera
If you’ve got fears about your house getting broken into or your roommate stealing your stuff, and you happen to have a Mac computer lying around, Orbicule has released a solution just for you. Called Witness, this app turns your MacBook or Mac desktop (that has iSight) into a motion-activated security camera. All you have to do is turn it on whenever you leave your computer on whenever you leave […]

View unsecured network cameras from all over the world
If you love watching security cam footage, you’re going love this. Someone has discovered a way to view video footage from unsecured cameras from all around the world. If you go into Google and enter inurl:”ViewerFrame?Mode=” -inurl –intitle into the search bar, a whole list of search results will pop up, giving you access to the millions of unsecured webcams all around the world. There are no descriptions stating what […]

YouEye uses your webcam to monitor your eye movements
If you’re paranoid about being watched while you’re on the computer, just know that it can happen – voluntarily (unless of course, someone managed to install some monitoring software on your computer and made use of your webcam – that’s a different story). A company named YouEye has come up with a new system to monitor how people use a website – by monitoring their eye movements. Called YouEye, this […]

Cram your webcam into an old fashioned camera with some DIY skills
Webcams nowadays pretty much look alike, but if you’re the type of person who loves to be creative and look different from the rest, perhaps you’d be interested in a DIY project for your webcam. Folks out there have posted some useful step-by-step instructions on how to cram a webcam into an old-fashioned camera, giving you a webcam that will definitely stand out in the crowd. Of course, it won’t […]

Dropcam Echo Review
With the explosion of storage and bandwidth, web surveillance camera usage has grown at a fast pace. For years, webcams have been able to send snapshots of a subject that entered into a protected zone, and more recently, some could also capture video stored either locally or on a remote server. Often, sending photos and storing videos over FTP was inconvenient to setup and to manage. Dropcam has been built […]

MIT Grad Student Comes Up With Webcam System That Can See If Your Heart Is Healthy
Here’s a scary development for webcams, a MIT grad student has figured out how to determine if your heart is healthy just by looking at you via a webcam. The system uses an open-source face-tracking program and will study someone’s face, measuring the slight variations in brightness produced by the flow of blood through blood vessels in the face. So once the developer was able to determine how to account […]

Logitech HD Webcams Allow HD Video Calling On Skype
Skype users who’ve been looking to get a dose of HD video calling should be happy to hear that Logitech has confirmed that the company’s latest HD webcams allow users to make 720p HD video calls on Skype from PC to PC, just make sure that you’re using the latest version of Skype for Windows (5.0 beta or later) and you’ll need a supported webcam, which includes the new Logitech […]

Microsoft LifeCam Studio webcam ushers in 1080p sensor era
Microsoft has upped the ante when it comes to webcams, where their LifeCam Studio webcam is the first from the company to deliver sharp high-definition (HD) video with a true 1080p sensor in order to complement Windows Live Messenger 2011, where the latter will offer HD video calling in a 16:9 widescreen format. Hmmm, time to make sure you go for regular facial treatments, otherwise your other half in the […]

OmniVision OV7727 webcam sensor does VGA resolution
Before you give the OmniVision OV7727 webcam sensor a miss simply because it offers a mere VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels) which is by far an large unbelievable in this day and age, bear in mind that is due to its size. Targeting notebooks, tablets and other devices which hold extremely thin displays, the OV7727 will shoot at VGA resolution while using a similar backside illumination as larger handset […]

Hearst Magazines Digital Media And Metaio Offer Online Shopping With Augmented Reality
One of the most obvious uses of augmented reality (AR) technology is that users could be able to see themselves wearing different kinds of outfits wihtout having to actually change, and Hearst Magazines Digital Media and Metaio have partnered to launch what they claim is the first markerless augmented reality online shipping offer. With this properly setup, users who have a webcam at home will be able to see their […]

Solar Powered Wireless Webcam
Iain Barclay has come up with the Solar Powered Wireless Webcam which he dubs the FieldCam. After all, this is one webcam which relies on the power of the sun to function, and not only that, it works fine sans wires. Using a handful of off-the-shelf parts, a 3G cellular phone dongle and router, and a custom circuit board, the FieldCam was born. Of course, the box will need to […]

Webcam gets wide angle lens
Let’s face it – a webcam isn’t something that we would use to capture high quality photos that you want to make a large print of, unless you’re really desperate. After all, it is meant for just casual video calls over the Internet and nothing more, but what happens when you want to cram in as many people as possible, especially in a scenario where you want to wish a […]

Logitech C910 HD webcam launched
It’s been a while since Logitech had launched new high-end webcams and the Logitech C910 lifts webcams to the next level: HD. It is the first Logitech webcam that the company qualifies as 720p capable for video calls and if users are recording to their local hard drive, it can snap videos in 1080p resolution. The webcam can also captgure 10 Megapixel still images. On the audio side, Logitech is […]