Do you love purchasing official movie merchandise, especially when they are of the tech and geeky variety? Well, Disney and Pixar worked hand in hand to deliver a limited edition Alien webcam that stands at 15″ tall – definitely a far cry from those really, really small computer peripherals that you see on most desks. This Alien USB webcam is larger than life, so to speak, and will be a fully functional device instead of just being an ornament or conversation piece.

We do know that the Alien USB webcam will have an antenna that lights up when connected, pulsing and glowing accordingly as though it actually were alive. While many of us might think that the webcam’s lens lies in one of the eyes, it actually has been built right into its mouth. As for the trio of glwoing eyes, those will emit a squeak or chirping sound for added fun.

Whenever you disconnect the Alien USB webcam, the eyes will dim, letting out a sound like “ooooooh” as though it was shutting down. Something this large certainly deserves superior performance, and a bus-powered speaker is located at the base so that this webcam can also double up as an external speaker. No idea on pricing or availability, but it does come with a certificate of authenticity.

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