YouEyeIf you’re paranoid about being watched while you’re on the computer, just know that it can happen – voluntarily (unless of course, someone managed to install some monitoring software on your computer and made use of your webcam – that’s a different story). A company named YouEye has come up with a new system to monitor how people use a website – by monitoring their eye movements. Called YouEye, this service makes use of the webcams on users computers to find out what they are looking at when instructed to perform tasks to test out a website’s design and functionality. Through the results, designers can find out how intuitive their websites are and whether things are easy to spot and so on. But don’t worry – all this won’t be happening without any consent, participants of the test will have to agree to being monitored in such situations. Would you ever take park in such experiments? Visit YouEye for more information.

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