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WeChat Found To Be Censoring Messages About The Coronavirus
When it comes to censorship and China, by now most of us probably shouldn’t be surprised at the country’s practices. In the past, they have censored various words or phrases on social media platforms that might be deemed as being negative towards the government, and now it looks like they’re doing the same with the coronavirus.

Beggars In China Go Hi-Tech By Accepting WeChat Pay
We’re sure that many of us have used the same excuse whenever a stranger comes up to us and starts begging for change. We tell them that we do not have any change to spare and we walk away. However, it seems that over in China, that excuse may no longer work as beggars are seemingly going the hi-tech route.

Google Pixel 4 Seemingly Blocks These Four Apps From Running At 90Hz
As some of you might have heard, Google’s Pixel 4 has come under fire recently for its 90Hz display, where despite being advertised as such, it was revealed that the display’s refresh rate changes depending on the brightness, where it can drop down to 60Hz. Now it seems that Google might have actually blocked certain apps from ever running at 90Hz.

China’s WeChat Is Now Introducing Its Own ‘Stories’ Feature
Snapchat was the first to introduce Stories, a feature that allowed users to share posts like photos that would then disappear after a set period of time. Facebook then decided to “borrow” the feature and apply it across its various services like Facebook itself, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.


Deleted WeChat Messages Can Be Recovered By The Chinese Government
WeChat is a messaging app that’s almost universally used by people in China and countless users abroad. It has been revealed over the weekend that the Chinese government is capable of recovering deleted WeChat messages. While this won’t really come as a surprise to many since they have already suspected that the authorities had this type of capabilities, it’s the public acknowledgment of the capability that’s going to surprise people.

China’s WeChat Now Boasts 1 Billion Accounts Worldwide
While WhatsApp might be one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, over in China WeChat is giving them a run for their money. In a report from the Financial Times (paywall; via The Verge), it seems that WeChat is now boasting that they have managed to hit the 1 billion account mark worldwide.

Apple, WeChat Reach ‘Mutual Understanding’ Over In-Chat Tipping
According to a report from The Wall Street Journal (via AppleInsider), it seems that Apple and WeChat have come to a “mutual understanding” regarding the in-chat tipping feature. Tencent executive Alan Zhang was quoted as saying, “In the past, companies like Apple might have had a difficult time understanding China-specific features.We now all share a mutual understanding and we’ll soon bring back the “tip” function.”

WeChat Accounts Could Be Used As State IDs In China
WeChat is probably the most used messenger app in China, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that over in China, the government is considering using WeChat accounts as state ID. In a report from the Financial Times (paywall; via Engadget), a pilot program testing out the idea will be rolling out next month.

Apple Now Accepting WeChat Pay In China
As much as we’re sure that companies like Apple and Google would love to enforce their own set of rules when it comes to using their apps and services, sometimes certain concessions have to be made in order for them to operate in certain countries, or if they’re hoping to appeal to the local market.

Spiritual Services Are Being Sold On WeChat In China
If there is a reason as to why WeChat is gaining so much momentum, we guess first of all it does have China’s massive population to thank. Secondly the app is more than just a messaging app and has been used for all kinds of things, such as to facilitate property sales and also allowing users to take out personal loans.

WhatsApp Found To Be The Most Popular Messaging App In The World
In certain countries, there are certain messaging apps that users prefer. For example over in Thailand, messaging apps like LINE are more popular, while over in China, they might prefer WeChat. However generally speaking, a report from Similar Web has found that WhatsApp remains the most popular messaging app in the world.

WeChat Used To Facilitate Property Purchases By Chinese Nationals
Looking for property to rent or purchase online is easy. You find a place you want, you message the real estate agent, and you guys set up a meet to tour the property. However it seems that over in China, property purchases are dealt with in a very different way, and it relies on a rather unconventional platform in the form of messaging app WeChat.Launched in 2011, WeChat serves as […]

LINE And WeChat Will Be Coming To Tizen Devices
If you’re a Tizen user or if you’d like to get your hands on a Tizen phone but were wondering about the availability of popular apps, you might be pleased to learn that Samsung has announced that they will be bringing popular messaging apps such as LINE and WeChat onto the platform.This announcement follows an earlier one in which Rovio promised that Angry Birds would also be making its way […]

WeChat Plans To Introduce Personal Loan Feature To Its Chat App
WeChat is a rising star in the messaging app platform. Last we checked, the company was boasting 355 million active users and this was in 2014. We can only imagine that those numbers have since risen today. While the app is primarily known as a messenger app, it would seem that Tencent, the company behind the app, wants to add personal loan services to it as well.This is according to […]