We’re sure that many of us have used the same excuse whenever a stranger comes up to us and starts begging for change. We tell them that we do not have any change to spare and we walk away. However, it seems that over in China, that excuse may no longer work as beggars are seemingly going the hi-tech route.

In a post on Facebook by user Fazil Irwan, he recounted an instance where his friends in China were approached by a beggar. When they tried to use the “sorry, I don’t have spare change” excuse, the person then whipped out a QR code which essentially allowed them to give them money using WeChat Pay, a commonly used service in China and certain parts of Asia.

According to Irwan, his friend then had little choice but to transfer the beggar some money. “In my previous post, I spoke about how almost everything is transacted through WeChat in China. It so happened that some of our friends went for dinner and a beggar on the road asked for money. One of our friends told the beggar that she didn’t have cash. The beggar said it’s ok, you can pay through WeChat. And that’s what she did 😂”

WeChat is probably one of the biggest messaging apps in China, so much so that it has grown and expanded where it can do more than just chat. We’ve seen instances in the past where people have used it to conduct transactions, such as purchasing property and taking out personal loans.

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