China is a huge market for Apple and pretty much any business hoping to strike it big in the world today. However, it seems that Apple could potentially lose the entire market due to the ongoing trade war between the US and China, where the US government is looking into potentially banning Chinese apps such as WeChat.

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, they have gone on record to say that if such a ban were to take place, they would see no reason to keep Apple’s iPhones or any other Apple products around. We’re not sure if this means that they would outright ban Apple, or if they would simply embark on a campaign to discourage the use of Apple’s products and services.

Previously, a study had suggested that 95% of Chinese users would give up their iPhones rather than lose WeChat. For the most part, Apple has complied a lot with Chinese government rules and regulations, but we suppose it can’t be helped if they were to get caught in the crossfire.

That being said, a recent report suggested that WeChat’s ban might only apply to the US, but even then that would be problematic as WeChat is one of the main forms of communication over in China. Banning the app even in the US could result in it being more difficult for families and friends to keep in contact, and could also negatively impact businesses that have connections over in China.

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