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Western Digital Launches My Passport Wireless Pro Hard Drive
Many of us want to have the ability to store and carry large amounts of content with us, and to have the ability to access that content on the go. There are countless solutions available for this and now Western Digital has come out with one more. It’s actually the successor to the My Passport Wireless hard drive it released two years ago. Western Digital has launched its new My […]

Western Digital To Acquire Sandisk For $19 Billion
When it comes to storage technology, we have companies like Western Digital, Seagate, and Sandisk just to name a few. Now Sandisk is a slightly different beast from Western Digital as the company is more known for their memory cards than hard drives. However it looks like the memory market just got smaller as Western Digital has announced their plans to acquire Sandisk for a whopping $19 billion.

WD Unveils 1TB My Passport Cinema Hard Drive For 4K Movies
If you have a brand new 4K television and you’re looking to make the most of it by watching 4K movies, then you might be interested in Western Digital’s new 1TB My Passport Cinema. Given that Ultra HD Blu-ray discs have yet to debut, one of the best ways to consume 4K content is by either streaming it or downloading it.With the My Passport Cinema, you will now have a […]

My Passport X Portable Hard Drive Targets Gamers
Gamers are a discerning bunch, especially when it comes to the kind of hardware that they use. Having said that, Western Digital has just announced the My Passport X portable hard drive which will target gamers, and them being a very demanding market, you can be sure that the My Passport X is no slouch when it comes to performance. In fact, the My Passport X, when connected to the […]


Western Digital Unveils Affordable 6TB Red & Green Hard Drives
If you’re the sort that needs a lot of storage and you’d rather just buy one big hard drive as opposed to multiple hard drives, then you might be pleased to learn that Western Digital has begun shipping two new 6TB hard drives. Now we know what you’re thinking, 6TB is going to be expensive, and normally you would be right, except that in this case they’re not.Western Digital has […]

WD's My Passport Pro Is A Portable Thunderbolt Hard Drive
Thunderbolt external hard drives tend to be pretty big, but then again we guess with the amount of storage offered and with the fast transfer speeds, chances are people who use these external hard drives typically leave their computers in one place, like in a music studio where they need to quickly access sound files and so on.However for those who want the speeds of Thunderbolt but want something a […]

Western Digital's Purple Hard Drives Begin Shipping
For those who build their own computers, chances are you are aware that Western Digital sells hard drives for computers that are available in different “colors”. For example there’s Western Digital Green, Black, and Blue, with Green indicating hard drives that use less energy, while Black refers to hard drives focused on performance.Well for those looking to put together something more reliable and durable, Western Digital has announced the availability […]

Western Digital Warns About Potential Data Loss With OS X Mavericks
If you own a Wester Digital external hard drive, you might want to think twice before plugging it into your OS X Mavericks computer, or better yet if you haven’t upgraded, perhaps you might want to hold off on doing so for the moment. Western Digital has recently issued a statement warning customers about potential data loss on their hard drives should they attempt to connect a Western Digital external […]

Western Digital’s My Cloud Makes Network Storage Easy
Western Digital (WD) has just launched a new family of “personal cloud solutions” called My Cloud. This consists in new hardware of course, but includes an even more important software solution that lets users access and manage their data from a personal cloud in an easy way. The idea behind My Cloud is that managing a personal cloud based on one of more network attached storage (NAS) devices in your […]

WD Blue Is World's Thinnest 1TB Hard Drive Measuring 7mm Thick
Western Digital announced its 7mm 1TB hard drive, the WD Blue, which is the world's thinnest 1TB drive.

Western Digital Introduces My Passport Ultra Portable HDD With Dropbox Integration
Western Digital has been manufacturing hard drives for as long as most people can remember, and today, they’re announcing a new line of portable hard drives, their My Passport Ultra.Western Digital’s My Passport Ultra are available in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB storage capacities and are equipped with USB 3.0 connectivity, which allows for a super-fast connection between the portable hard drive and your computer. The My Passport Ultra have WD […]

Western Digital Ships 5mm Thin Drives
When it comes to storage and backup drives, Western Digital would be a name that many people are familiar with, although some might have run into unpleasant experiences in the past where their backup hard drive just died even before making it past the 1 year mark, which is rather unfortunate. Still, we are not here to start an Aunt Agony channel for failed hard drives, but rather, talk about […]

Western Digital My Book Live Duo Gets 8TB Of Space
Western Digital, a name that is instantly associated with storage space – portable or otherwise, is back with a proud new addition to the family. We are not talking about its 4TB hard drives, as those are already old hat by the time the news hit the wires, but rather, the latest device in their wide array of devices would be the My Book Live Duo, a dual-drive RAID box […]

Western Digital My Net AC1300 HD Dual-Band Router
Western Digital has announced not only the My Net AC1300 HD Dual-Band Router, but also the My Net AC Bridge as the latest additions to the My Net family of HD dual-band routers. These two devices will merge next-generation 802.11ac wireless technology with Western Digital’s exclusive FasTrack technology which is said to automatically prioritize high-bandwidth entertainment services including (but not limited to) Netflix, YouTube, online games and Skype, where it […]