WhatsApp To Prevent Fake News With Image Search Tool

The spread of fake news remains a constant problem for WhatsApp and the Facebook-owned company continues to take steps in order to clamp down on it. A new report reveals that the company is developing a new feature which will enable users to identify whether an image that they have received is legitimate or not.

WhatsApp Banning Users Running Modified Apps

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular cross-platform messaging service. It’s sending warns that urge users to not use third-party modified versions of the app such as WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp. The company has said that those who use these apps are at a security risk since WhatsApp can’t vouch for the security practices of the modified versions. The Facebook-owned company has even said that it will ban users that […]

WhatsApp’s Biometric Security Feature For iOS Has A Vulnerability

Earlier this month, WhatsApp announced a new feature for iOS users where they will be able to use Face ID to protect the app, meaning that users will need to scan their faces to open the app. This means that users can add an additional layer of security and privacy to the app and prevent others from reading their messages even if their phone is unlocked.

WhatsApp Business Beta For iOS Devices Launched

For a while now, WhatsApp has a separate Business app for Android devices that allows business owners to communicate with their customers. However this app was pretty much exclusive to Android devices which meant that business users who had iOS devices weren’t able to take advantage of this.


WhatsApp Will Soon Let Users Decide Who Can Add Them To Groups

We’re sure that some of you have experienced this in the past where you have been added to a group filled with random strangers, presumably for the purpose of spam. It can be annoying, although the good news is that it isn’t too difficult to quit these groups. However there is good news for WhatsApp users in a future update.

WhatsApp Bans 2 Million Accounts Monthly To Fight Spam

WhatsApp has been taking steps to deal with the fact that its platform is widely used to spread misinformation which has, in some cases, even proven to be fatal. It recently put a limit on text forwarding to prevent rumors from spreading. The Facebook-owned company has revealed that it bans some 2 million accounts every month to fight the spread of misinformation.

Indian Government Wants WhatsApp To Come Up With A Way To Curb Fake News

Fake news can spread through various mediums, such as social media. It can also be spread through messaging apps such as WhatsApp, where users can simply forward and pass along fake news to their contacts at a touch of a button. This has presented a problem in the past in countries such as India, where it now appears that the government has had enough.

WhatsApp Now Supports Face ID And Touch ID Locking

Most of us use some form of access control on our devices, be it a fingerprint or PIN, but if you’d like to have an additional layer of security for WhatsApp on your iOS device, you can now lock it with Face ID or Touch ID. The available method will obviously depend on the kind of iPhone that you have since Face ID isn’t available on legacy models.

Facebook’s Plan To Unify Its Messaging Services Might Not Be Realized This Year

Recently there was a report on how Facebook was planning on unifying its messenger platforms, where they would be updated to share the same underlying infrastructure. The report claims that Facebook had planned to get it done by this year, but it seems that may no longer be a possibility.

WhatsApp For Web Gets Support For Picture-In-Picture

WhatsApp has a web client which users can use to access their chats on a computer. This is handy as it means that they won’t need to keep turning to their phone whenever a message comes in. Now it looks like the web version of WhatsApp just got a lot better thanks to a recent update.

Facebook Wants To Unify Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger

Companies like Apple tend to shut down the companies and services that they acquire and fold it into their own products and services. They did this with Workflow, Beats Music, and Texture, just to name a few. Facebook on the other hand seems to be more than happy to let their acquisitions continue operating as it is.

WhatsApp Puts A Limit On Text Forwarding To Prevent Rumors Spreading

WhatsApp is used by more than a billion people across the globe to stay in touch with their friends and family. The cross-platform messaging service has often received criticism for not taking enough steps to ensure that misinformation and rumors don’t flow from its service. There have been more than a few instances which resulted in violence after rumors against someone or a particular group of persons spread rapidly through […]

WhatsApp Testing Sticker Integration With Google’s Gboard

WhatsApp is admittedly a bit late to the sticker game. Other apps such as Facebook Messenger, KakaoTalk, and LINE have long offered its users stickers. However it seems that the Facebook-owned company might have found a way to quickly spread its stickers and that is by integrating it with third-party keyboard apps.

University of California Warns Students Against Using WhatsApp In China

The University of California has warned its students and faculty both to not use messaging apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat in China. It expressed concern that their communications could be used against them in the country so the students and faculty should exercise caution and not use the apps when they’re in China.