Wheelblades let you ski on your wheelchair

So you are wheelchair bound – does this mean you are unable to get around in the snow? Not really, thanks to the ingenious invention known as the Wheelblades, being small and yet high-quality skis which can be mounted to the front wheels of your wheelchair with but a single click. It will also work equally well on baby buggies if you so desire, increasing the amount of mobility one […]

Tek Robotic Mobilisation Device standing wheelchair

Being in a wheelchair could prove to be a challenge in getting around places and doing stuff that able-bodied folks take for granted, such as getting stuff from the top shelf at a supermarket. Well, those who have a penchant for adventure can always get up and about in the Action Trackchair, but it still does not solve the issue of reaching high places. With the Tek Robotic Mobilisation Device, […]

Action Trackchair, the all-terrain wheelchair

Just because you are confined to a wheelchair does not mean your life is any less fulfilling. Sure, it might be a wee bit more challenging than the average person on the street due to accessibility issues in less developed countries, but that does not mean your love for adventure should be diminished – not when you have the Action Trackchair to get around in. This all-terrain wheelchair is perfect […]

Face-controlled wheelchair might be the future

We do know that life in a wheelchair is not a peach in terms of mobility, despite the strides made to make everywhere more accessible, there is still plenty of work to be done. In addition, not everyone can get around in a wheelchair by themselves – especially those whose limbs have limited capcity movement. Perhaps the research group from Miyazaki University might be able to help this group – […]


RoChair makes it easier for disabled to get around

Getting around in a wheelchair can be quite a challenging proposition, especially when the proper infrastructure is not in place. Those who can afford lighter wheelchairs that are more nimble will definitely be less tired after pushing themselves around for some time, but ROTA Mobility intends to change things with the RoChair, an invention that is rowed by pushing and pulling on a front-and-center-mounted lever.

IntelliWheels AGS wheelchair with gear system

Sometimes, do you wonder how come something that seemed so simple and yet effective was thought up by another person instead of you? Case in point – wheelchairs. Scott Daigle, a graduate engineering student at the University of Illinois, took the road less traveled when it realized that the average wheelchair lacked a gear system, so he decided to go and build one himself.

Robotic wheelchair offer independence to the elderly

If you’re getting on in your years and think that you would prefer the company of robots instead of grown up children who treat you nice just because of the potential inheritance that they might receive upon your demise, would you rather move over to Japan? After all, that country has an ageing population, not to mention a high ratio of robots-per-capita – and today we shall take a look […]

Wheelchair that uses a laser scanner to “see”

The folks over at Sweden’s Lulea University of Technology have developed an electric wheelchair that can “see” for its user. Designed for visually impaired passengers, the wheelchair uses a laser scanner to generate a 3D map of the wheelchair’s surroundings. With this map, it acts like a virtual cane, alerting the driver about any obstacles such as people or open doors, through haptic feedback with the wheelchair’s steering joystick. These […]

Smart wheelchairs coming your way, Prof X places order

Professor Xavier of the X-Men has this psychic controlled wheelchair, but that doesn’t good ol’ Chuck should be wasting some of those powers to move around Shi’iar technology when roboticists over at the Case Western Reserve University have managed to come up with a new smart wheelchair that lets you control it using a joystick (or an Xbox controller) as well as voice commands. To make things more interesting so […]

Speedster Wheelchair has some serious attitude

Just because you’ve got to get around in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the modding culture, as evident by this rather mean looking Speedster Wheelchair. Boasting 21” custom chrome alloy wheels, it will sport (no pun intended) high performance racing tires, an aluminium chassis and a Corbeau racing configured seat to help you feel as though you were in the driver’s seat yourself. With red, blue […]

Wheelchair-tank banned from the streets

Having to be in a wheelchair due to arthritis isn’t fun, but it probably gets worse when the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency tells you that your wheelchair isn’t allowed on British roads anymore – since it has been classed as a tank. You’d normally think of a wheelchair as something meek and boring, but the wheelchair pictured above is anything but that, measuring in at 107cm wide and 220kg […]

Wheelchair to become more accessible across terrain

Battlefield technology is once again brought to everyday use, this time with the wheelchair as the object in focus. Terrain sensing control systems that were specially designed for the guidance of autonomous vehicles on the battlefield are being transferred over to the wheelchair, allowing those sitting in wheelchairs to gain access across more areas than ever before. Steep hills or ramps, mud, snow, and uneven ground have long been dangerous […]

Wheelchair relies on reverse force to make full use of your muscles

The Create the Future Design Contest is over, and when the dust has settled, the grand prize has emerged. Kudos to Salim Nasser from Florida who came up with this wheelchair that boasts an integrated mechanism that will operate using a pulling action instead of the traditional pushing model. The whole idea behind this would be to enable the stronger biceps to work it out a whole lot more, which […]

Swiss Researchers Showcase A Brain-controlled Wheelchair

The smart researchers over at the EPFL in Switzerland have come up with a cool brain-controlled wheelchair. This wheelchair will rely on EEG readings to detect specific brain patterns and when combined with artificial intelligence will allow for shared control of the wheelchair. The artificial intelligence will get input from a pair of cameras and some image processing software which is capable of differentiating between different types of objects, helping […]