Professor Xavier of the X-Men has this psychic controlled wheelchair, but that doesn’t good ol’ Chuck should be wasting some of those powers to move around Shi’iar technology when roboticists over at the Case Western Reserve University have managed to come up with a new smart wheelchair that lets you control it using a joystick (or an Xbox controller) as well as voice commands. To make things more interesting so that you don’t purposely issue a command to roll off a cliff simply because life’s not worth living anymore, this smart wheelchair has integrated artificial intelligence that will filter all commands received, and act appropriately – even disregarding silly commands if the need and situation arises.

Since a picture speaks a thousand words and a video comprises of 30 images per second (via frames, of course), then you would better understand how the smart wheelchair works in the video after the jump. One thing’s for sure, we hope the roboticists got the voice recognition part down pat due to different accents of potential users worldwide.

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