Microsoft to issue WiFi bug fix for Windows Phone 8

While we don’t own a Windows Phone 8 device ourselves (yet), it seems that there have been some complaints from Windows Phone 8 owners over a particular WiFi bug. This bug it seems will disable WiFi whenever the phone gets locked. Some presume it’s a way to help conserve the battery of the phone, but we can only imagine how annoying this might be while downloading or while waiting for […]

Smartphones outnumber laptops when it comes to WiFi hotspot connections, according to report

While 4G LTE networks are certainly as fast as some broadband connections, using too much would mean possibly going over your data limit, which in turn could lead to a pretty expensive phone bill, which is why it is not surprising to see smartphone owners try to connect to WiFi hotspots whenever available. That being said, the folks at the Wireless Broadband Alliance published a report not too long ago […]

Devicescape to provide seamless Wi-Fi data to Windows Phone 8 devices

Devicescape, a California-based company that specializes in developing software for wireless networking, is announcing that it has licensed Wi-Fi data from its Curated Virtual Network (CVN) to Microsoft for its Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system. The company has over 11 million high-quality hotspots up to date and the contract with Microsoft will allow mobile users with Windows Phone 8 devices to use their hotspots while on the go. Apart […]

No WiFi calling on T-Mobile’s Google Nexus 4 is not carrier’s fault

Remember our story on how T-Mobile’s Google Nexus not supporting WiFi calling, a feature that many folks on T-Mobile have been taking advantage of whenever they do not have a decent phone signal and yet are in the vicinity of a fast Internet connection? Well, it seems that we might have been sniffing down the wrong trail, and would like to take note of any confusion which could have arose […]


Metapaper wallpaper prevents Wi-Fi theft

You know what they say – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and in the modern day where Wi-Fi networks are just about anywhere and everywhere, there will always be some smart aleck out there who cannot resist the temptation of hacking into a Wi-Fi network just because he or she can. If your neighbor is far more tech savvy than you and has been stealing […]

Western Digital My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender

If you feel that your home is somehow located in an area where it is virtually impossible to get a decent Wi-Fi signal even a few meters away from the router, you might want to call some paranormal investigators to drop by (assuming the router has been thoroughly checked and certified to work just fine), otherwise you might want to enlist the help of the My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender […]

JetBlue in-flight Wi-Fi coming your way in Q1 2013

Having in-flight Wi-Fi service is not something new or groundbreaking, but it is still encouraging to see more and more airlines offer this feature whenever you are traveling to your destination. After all, most of the movies shown during your journey are not the latest blockbusters in cinemas, and there are only so many times you can play some cheap knockoff of Pong in your cramped economy class seat. An […]

The LIFX LED Lightbulb is controlled over WIFI via an iPhone

It seems every year we’re treated to promises that lightbulbs are going next-gen, complete with networking features that will help us automate our homes. Few of these products get past the concept stage, so Phil Bosua decided to use a Kickstarter to make the networked bulb a reality. Fully funded in less than one week, the LIFX Lightbulb is a multicolored LED lightbulb which can be both networked and controlled […]

Bounce WiFi Enhancer

So you have a Wi-Fi router in your home, but somehow due to some kind of arcane magic in the vicinity, your room seems to be the only one that fails to receive any signal. Well, fret not – instead of moving your work place to the living room, here is the $24.99 Bounce WiFi Enhancer. Basically, it can transform your regular router into one that runs on steroids – […]

Free AT&T Wi-Fi at Bank of America Stadium

The next time you make your way to the Bank of America stadium, whisper a prayer of thanks to AT&T for offering free Wi-Fi connectivity, where this particular feat is made possible courtesy of 460 Wi-Fi access points courtesy of AT&T. This particular move will definitely win brownie points with the Carolina Panthers fans, where the team decided to take this bold move and upgrade their in-stadium fan experience for […]

Private WiFi beta 3.2 Hands-On

There is no shortage of WiFi hacks horror stories, but free hotspots are just too convenient to ignore, so most people, including me, often connect at random places without worrying too much about the potential hacks that can happen. That’s exactly what Private WiFi was designed for: provide easy security against folks trying to snoop in WiFi traffic to gather passwords, cookies and other key information that may leads to […]

Free Wi-Fi at Wendy’s thanks to Boingo Wireless

Boingo Wireless has teamed up with fast food chain Wendy’s to offer free Wi-Fi connectivity at all of their company-owned stores, but if your neighborhood’s Wendy’s does not have Wi-Fi, then chances are pretty good it will be part of the Wendy’s franchise community who refused the uptake. Hopefully Boingo Wireless will be able to do a good job in managing and operating Wi-Fi services at participating Wendy’s company restaurants […]

London Olympics committee deploys Wi-Fi Police to hunt unauthorized Wi-Fi hotspots

We already know that wireless hotspots have been banned at the London Olympics. But it seems that the practical aspect of the rule has been tested as sports fans are secretly turning on their mobile hotspots to access the Internet. To ensure that the “no portable wireless hotspot” rule gets implemented, the Olympic committee has deployed the Wi-Fi police, similar to the one pictured above. Yes, that photo was taken […]

O2 offers free Wi-Fi to London’s West End

Well, we did talk about Wi-Fi hotspots being banned from the London 2012 Olympics just a few days ago, but here we are with news that the O2 will be offering up free Wi-Fi to the city of London, just in time for the Olympics. With London expecting a huge number of tourists to the city, it is good news that the West End area, including Leicester Square and Piccadilly […]