Samsung SE-208BW
While digital content delivery is rendering most physical mediums obsolete, it’s going to take awhile before it’s finally eradicated. Since it’ll be a long time more before we have affordable and awesome internet connectivity all over the world, physical mediums are going to remain relevant for our portable media entertainment needs. With that in mind, Samsung has unveiled a new product that takes optical disk drives to the next level. Called the SE-208BW, it does more than just read and write your CDs or DVDs.

In addition to being an external disk reader/writer, the SE-208BW has wireless access point and repeater functionality to connect the drive to an Ethernet LAN cable. Doing so will turn the disk drive into a wireless media hub, which you can use to share content on the discs wirelessly. It can also act as a signal booster to amplify WiFi signals and widen connectivity range in homes. When hooked up to an external hard disk drive, the SE-208BW can also function as a private server. Talk about a drive that can do so much more than handle your disks. No word on pricing, but if this is a sign of disk drives to come in the future, we’re pretty excited.

[Press Release]

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