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Leaked Windows 10 Cloud Build Confirms Ability To Run Win32 Apps
It was first reported several weeks ago that Microsoft has a new iteration of Windows 10 in the pipeline called Windows 10 Cloud. It appears to be a lightweight version of Windows that will compete with Chrome OS but reports suggest that users who want more will be able to pay to upgrade it to a full version of Windows 10. A new leaked Windows 10 Cloud build has confirmed […]

Windows 10 Cloud Upgrade To Full Windows Will Be Possible
We’ve been seeing a lot of reports about a new iteration of Windows 10 that Microsoft is believed to be working on called Windows 10 Cloud. Reports suggest that this is going to be a lightweight version of Windows that Microsoft is aiming to compete against Chrome OS with. It’s now being said that even though this will be a lightweight version, users will be able to upgrade to the […]

Windows 10 Cloud Screenshots Leaked
We’ve been hearing for a few weeks now that Microsoft is developing a new iteration of Windows 10 that’s reportedly going to be called Windows 10 Cloud. Recent reports suggest that despite its moniker, Windows 10 Cloud may not be what you think. Some screenshots of the new iteration have now been leaked online and they reveal that it won’t look that different from Windows 10 proper.

Windows 10 Cloud Might Not Be What You Expect
It was recently reported that Microsoft is working on a new iteration of Windows 10 which is internally referred to as Windows 10 Cloud. The name might lead you to believe that this iteration has something to do with the cloud but if a new report is believed, Windows 10 Cloud might not be what you expect it to be.


Windows 10 Cloud Reportedly Being Developed For Lightweight Devices
Microsoft is reportedly working on a new iteration of Windows 10 that it’s internally calling Cloud Shell. Details about this iteration of Windows 10 are very limited at this point in time but it’s believed this is going to be geared towards lightweight devices like the Surface RT.