It was first reported several weeks ago that Microsoft has a new iteration of Windows 10 in the pipeline called Windows 10 Cloud. It appears to be a lightweight version of Windows that will compete with Chrome OS but reports suggest that users who want more will be able to pay to upgrade it to a full version of Windows 10. A new leaked Windows 10 Cloud build has confirmed that this edition of Windows will have the ability to run Win32 apps.

What this means is that Windows 10 Cloud will be able to download apps from the Windows Store much like any other version of Windows 10. This will enable users to run apps like Slack on Windows 10 Cloud, so we know that they won’t be locked out of the app ecosystem and will actually be able to get some use out of Windows 10 Cloud.

The system will show several prompts when users try to install apps from outside the Windows Store. For example, if someone tries to install Google Chrome on a Windows 10 Cloud device, they will receive a prompt telling them why Microsoft’s Edge browser is much better instead of simply saying that Chrome can’t run on this version of Windows.

Microsoft is expected to target the education and business sectors with Windows 10 Cloud which is why it’s reportedly going to license it for free. Users who want a more powerful experience will then be able to upgrade to full Windows 10 by paying for it. The company is yet to confirm when it’s going to officially announce Windows 10 Cloud.

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