We’ve been seeing a lot of reports about a new iteration of Windows 10 that Microsoft is believed to be working on called Windows 10 Cloud. Reports suggest that this is going to be a lightweight version of Windows that Microsoft is aiming to compete against Chrome OS with. It’s now being said that even though this will be a lightweight version, users will be able to upgrade to the full Windows 10 experience provided that they pay for it.

From what we know about Windows 10 Cloud so far, it’s apparently going to look and feel the same as Windows 10 proper but it’s only going to be able to run apps from the Store.

The concept isn’t that different from Windows RT, a previous lightweight version that Microsoft released back in the Windows 8 era, it had support for ARM processors. The big difference here is that Windows 10 Cloud will reportedly be upgradeable to full Windows 10 as long as users pay for it.

It’s believed that Microsoft is going to license Windows 10 Cloud for free so that they can include it in affordably priced PCs aimed at the education and business sectors. This will help OEMs keep prices down as they won’t have to pay Microsoft a license fee. However, users who want more functionality will be able to pay for an upgrade.

Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged the existence of Windows 10 Cloud just yet so it’s unclear when it’s going to be released.

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