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Microsoft To Release Major Windows 8 Built In App Updates Tomorrow
The native Mail, Calendar and People apps on Windows 8 were criticized as they lacked functionality. Microsoft has addressed all those issues and starting tomorrow, it will release a major update for the aforementioned built in apps for Windows 8. Users will be able to download these updates from Windows Store. Microsoft says that these apps have been designed to seamlessly manage communication between Windows tablets and PCs using multiple […]

Windows Store Now Has Over 50,000 Apps For Windows 8 And RT
The Windows Store has finally crossed the 50,000 mark. It is now home to over 50,000 applications for Windows 8 and Windows RT. Despite that it is being reported that the number of apps being submitted to Windows Store is declining each month. Reportedly app submissions have slowed down substantially ever since Windows 8 was launched back in November 2012. To put things in perspective, the Mac App Store has […]

Microsoft Offering Windows Developers $100 In Cash For New Apps
Microsoft has started a new marketing campaign in the US geared primarily towards Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 developers. The Redmond based company is offering $100 in cash to developers who will submit new apps for both of these platforms. They can submit 10 apps in each store and earn up to $2,000. The apps have to be submitted before June 30. The cash incentive will be given to […]

Native Twitter App for Windows 8
For Twitter users running Windows 8, great new! Twitter had finally released a native app in Windows Store for Windows 8 on Wednesday. Designed with Windows 8 in mind, Twitter takes advantage of tools like Share function in Charm Bar to allow users to tweet from any app and Live Tiles that will display tweets no matter which app the user is currently using.On the other hand, Snap view enables […]


Internet Explorer 10 On Windows 8 Has Two Major Exploits
I am not quite sure which planet you live on, but if you happen to run Windows 8 as your operating system of choice and use Internet Explorer 10 as your primary Web browser, then perhaps reading about a couple of major exploits appearing on Internet Explorer 10 might scare you into switching over to other browser alternatives. It seems that these two exploits can be used to hijack Windows […]

Microsoft To Cut Prices For Windows 8 And Office To Encourage OEM Adoption
According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal (paid article), it seems that Microsoft will be offering price breaks on their Windows 8 and Microsoft Office software. Unfortunately these price breaks will not be for consumers, but rather they are catered towards OEMs in hopes that by making Windows 8 and Office cheaper to license, it will spur the development of smaller, touch-based Windows laptops. Apparently Windows 8 […]

Surface Pro Clone Caught At CeBIT
[CeBIT 2013] The Microsoft Surface Pro has been available for nearly a month in the U.S. and has steadily been making itself available again through Microsoft’s brick & mortar and online stores. Microsoft announced today the Surface Pro is heading to Germany during this year’s CeBIT, but it looks like clones of the company’s popular tablet has made its way to the show.The Surface Pro clone looks an awful lot like […]

Razer Edge Available For Pre-Order Starting March 1
The Razer Edge gaming tablet was launched at CES this year and is now one step closer to being an actual product you can have in your home now that Razer has announced they’ll be accepting pre-orders starting March 1 for Windows 8 gaming tablet, with shipments expected to go out “later that month.”Two variations of Razer Edge will be available to consumers: the vanilla Edge will feature an Intel Core […]

Windows 8 $15 Promotional Upgrade For Win 7 PCs Ends Thursday
If you recently purchased a Windows 7 PC, you’re probably aware Microsoft has given those customers the opportunity to upgrade their machines to Windows 8 for only $15. The $15 upgrade offer was first started back in August 2012, and it looks as though Microsoft will no longer be offering this upgrade starting this Thursday.The process of upgrading your Windows 7 PC to a Windows 8 PC isn’t a very long […]

i-Mate Has Plans For A Windows 8 Phone Product
Windows 8 is Microsoft’s desktop operating system, while Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft’s answer to the mobile space. However Windows 8 Phone? That sounds like an interesting hybrid, doesn’t it? That’s pretty much what company i-Mate is looking to do by creating a mobile device that will run on Windows 8, not Windows Phone 8. According to a report from The Seattle Times, i-Mate is currently at MWC and they’re […]

Windows Phone App For Windows 8 Updated
If you happen to be an owner of one of these new fangled Windows Phone 8 devices, then listen up! It does not matter if you are jiving to Nokia’s Lumia series or the HTC Windows Phone 8X, either way, you can hook it up to a computer that runs on Windows 8 or Windows RT, thanks to the official Windows Phone app for Windows 8 which was recently updated […]

Microsoft Job Postings Confirm Additional Windows And Windows Phone Blue Details
There is nothing quite like a job posting to reveal information on upcoming projects, as we have seen that happen time and again in the past. Well, one of the more recent job postings by Microsoft did claim that Windows Blue will include user experience improvements, apart from just interface tweaks that happen underneath the proverbial hood. Not only that, there was also a reference to ‘Windows Phone Blue’ spotted […]

Mozilla Rolls Out Firefox For Windows 8
Mozilla is said to have introduced the most recent nightly build of Firefox for Windows, and when done on a computer that is powered by Windows 8, you will find that you can then launch the spanking new “Metro” style Firefox app from the Windows Start Screen itself. Of course, bear in mind that you are not supposed to download Firefox Metro from the store itself, but the nightly build […]

Microsoft delivers patches for Windows 8 and Windows RT
Microsoft has released fixes and patches for a total of 57 known issues today. The updates will fix critical security holes and fix more than 12 vulnerabilities. The major fix is for Windows RT and Surface RT users who are experiencing issues with the App Store Downloading functionality. Automatic updates would start downloading updates and put the system in “Connected Standby” . Users were unable to get Windows Store applications.Another […]