Emirates Airline is right now one of the world’s largest carriers, and they intend to get in on the tablet action as well, although they have decided to forgo the all too popular iPad and settle for Windows 8 tablets instead. In fact, Emirates intend to hand out a thousand of such devices to its cabin crew, where these tablets will run an in-house app known as Knowledge Driven Inflight Service (KIS) which will assist flight attendants to better provide an exceptional level of service to passengers so that Emirates will be able to maintain its famous service standards.


The KIS has been described as “a fully immersive crew and customer management solution”, where it will enable crew to access different kinds of information which enables them to deliver a more attentive and individualized level of service to passengers, and this service will range from food to wine as well as seating preferences. Heck, it can even be used as a kind of almanac to keep track of issues that passengers have experienced on previous flights, in addition to frequent flyer status. The Windows 8 tablet that will be deployed would be the HP ElitePad 900 that is powered by Windows 8 Enterprise.

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