Windows Vista wasn’t the best of creations from Microsoft. When former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was once asked in an interview what his biggest regret was during his tenure he said that it was Longhorn a.k.a Windows Vista. He referred to it as his single biggest mistake in the 13 years that he was at the helm of Microsoft. Users were quick to abandon it too as Vista powers less than 1.5 percent of all PCs now and exactly one year from today Microsoft is going to end support for this OS.

Microsoft will be happy to put this nine-year-old operating system behind it as most users did when they quickly jumped to Windows 7, which was far better than its predecessor.

The company won’t really face a tough time in convincing the small minority that’s still running Vista to switch to Windows 10. It already ended mainstream support for Vista back in August 2012 and has only been providing security updates for the OS since then. It didn’t even release a new version of Internet Explorer on Vista after version 9 was released.

Just in case you or someone you know is still running Windows Vista on their PC, bear in mind that Microsoft is going to end support for this OS on April 11th, 2017. From then on it won’t even release security updates for the OS and it’s not a good idea to continue using a PC when it’s not backed by regular security updates.

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