Xbox 360 Slim laptop

The DIY community has been coming up with portable versions of home gaming consoles for quite some time now, but they’re usually a one-of creation, with the modders having no plans to do another version of the same model. But not Ed. This hardware modder has decided to start up his own business selling Xbox 360 Slim laptops and boy they sure are impressive.

The laptop features an Xbox 360 Slim taken apart and then placed in a portable box with an attached 17″ widescreen monitor that’s capable of 720p HD video output. It has built-in WiFi, USB ports and even output ports for using external video or audio devices. The device is powered by a power-cable – due to the lack of an internal battery (which wouldn’t last long anyway), so you’ll need a power socket and cable with you when using it. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a Kinect port, so no Kinectimals or Dance Central for you if you decide to get this laptop.

Yes, you can get one of your own, custom made by Ed himself. Prices are around $1,600 – depending on the options you choose. For example, you can send Ed your own Xbox 360 Slim to shave $200 off the price, while if you choose to leave out the paint job, you save another $100. However if you have the money to go all out, Ed will engrave any logo (non-copyrighted) you like onto the laptop. Even LEDs, buttons and paint can be customized. Head over to Ed’s website for more details on the Xbox 360 Slim laptop.

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