Xbox 360

Xbox 360 owners are likely to have experienced the “Red Ring of Death” phenomenon on their consoles at some point in time. The ring of LED lights on the face of Xbox 360 would flash and glow red whenever the console would encounter a technical or hardware problem that would render it unusable. Microsoft is hopeful that Xbox One won’t suffer from the same issues. The new Xbox was announced a week ago, it is expected to be released in November.

The last Xbox that Microsoft made was actually the Xbox 360 Slim, also known as Trinity. The team which built that is the team that has built the Xbox One, Trinity was praised for its improved reliability, and Microsoft is confident that the new console will be of similar quality. These remarks were made by Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft Studios. He said that Microsoft has “learned a lot from the 360 launch” and that he’s confident in the “quality of the new box.” I’m sure many Xbox 360 owners would be heaving a sigh of relief. Though we’ll only know about the shortcomings, if any, the Xbox One has after its finally been released.

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