Microsoft announced its Xbox Game Pass service a couple of weeks back. It allows subscribers to pay a set fee per month and then download games from a library that includes some great titles. Microsoft previously said that it will expand the library to ensure that there’s always something new to play. The company has now confirmed that the Xbox Game Pass games list will receive “at least” 5 new titles every month.

Microsoft is launching Xbox Game Pass with a decent number of titles in the library, over 100, but not all of them are as great as some would have hoped. It’s promising monthly additions to ensure that subscribers remain interested in paying a monthly fee for the service.

The company’s plan for Xbox Game Pass has always been to add new titles frequently and remove some as the months roll by. It has now confirmed that at least five new games will be added to the library on the first of every month. The company has also confirmed that the current collection with which this service has been launched won’t lose any games until November this year.

Microsoft’s Dennis Ceccarelli manages the Game Pass team. He has confirmed that the “vast majority” of games in the library will actually stay in it for more than five months which means subscribers will have plenty of time to play the games before they’re removed.

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