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U.S. Indicts Russian Spies In Massive Yahoo Cyberattack
Yahoo revealed several months ago that it was the victim of a massive cyberattack back in 2014 that left some 500 million user accounts compromised. The company said that it suspected that state-sponsored hackers were behind the attack. The United States Justice Department has been investigating this matter and it has now decided to indict four Russians over the cyberattack, two of them actually work for Russian’s FSB intelligence agency.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Won't Head Altaba After Verizon Acquisition
Verizon first announced its intention to acquire Yahoo for $4.83 billion last year but later agreed to buy it at a $350 million discount after the deal’s future seemed uncertain following revelations about cyberattacks that Yahoo had to put up with. Yahoo’s core business will be bought by Verizon and only the investment company will be left behind which will be called Altaba. It has now been confirmed that Yahoo […]

Yahoo Confirms An Additional 32 Million Accounts Were Hacked
It has been a tough couple of quarters for Yahoo. Over the past few months, the company has confirmed massive cyberattacks that it faced in 2014 and 2013 which affected more than 500 million and 1 billion user accounts respectively. Yahoo has now confirmed another cyberattack. It was a cookie-forging attack which left more than 32 million accounts breached. There aren’t a lot of details available about this attack right […]

Verizon Agrees To Buy Yahoo At $350 Million Discount
Verizon announced its intention to acquire Yahoo for $4.83 billion last year. Soon after the deal was confirmed it emerged that Yahoo had been a victim of a massive cyberattack. The company’s image suffered serious damage when reports of one attack after the other kept coming in. It was then reported that Verizon was looking for a discount on the deal and today both companies have officially confirmed the new […]


Yahoo Warning Some Users About Possible Malicious Activity
As you might have, Yahoo has experienced a spate of hacks in the past year or so which unfortunately left many accounts compromised. However it seems that even if you were lucky enough to not have been compromised in those particular attacks, Yahoo has recently issued a warning in which it seems that some user accounts could have been breached.

Verizon Wants A $250 Million Discount On Yahoo Deal
Verizon announced its intention to acquire Yahoo’s internet properties last year for $4.8 billion. However, the company was forced to reconsider its price after a massive cyberattack that Yahoo suffered became public. While there was a lot of speculation about the attack and a lot of finger-pointing as well, there were reports that Verizon would seek a discount from Yahoo. According to a new report, Verizon wants to shave off […]

How to Block someone in Yahoo Mail
No matter for what you use Yahoo Mail for, be it for work or family communication purposes, you will definitely encounter annoying emails like referral spam, fake advertisement offers, etc… that you may want to block. We will show you how to block someone in yahoo mail permanently. If you want, you can unblock that address/person later as well.

Yahoo To Rename Itself To ‘Altaba’ Following Verizon Acquisition
Several days ago a Verizon exec seemed to suggest that the deal to acquire Yahoo was on the rocks, but that does not appear to be the case anymore. According to a report from TechCrunch who discovered a recent filing with the SEC, it seems that the deal could actually be close to completion which will result in some pretty big changes in the process.

Verizon Exec Says They’re Unsure About Yahoo Deal
Yahoo is definitely no longer the internet darling it once was, and it seems that a recent spate of hacks did not do the company any favors. In fact for a moment Yahoo looked like they were going to be given a lifeline by Verizon, but like we said the hacks did them no favors, and a report from last month hinted that Verizon could be thinking twice about the […]

Germany Urging Yahoo Users To Seek Alternative Email Providers
Several months ago, Yahoo revealed that they were hacked and about 500 million accounts were compromised. Then just the other day, the company disclosed that another 1 billion accounts separate of the 500 million accounts had also been hacked, which safe to say is pretty damning for the company.

Verizon May Be Thinking About Giving Up On Yahoo Acquisition
Verizon announced its intention to acquire Yahoo for $4.83 billion in July this year. However, Yahoo revealed in September that it had encountered a major cyberattack which left personal information of hundreds of millions of users compromised. Verizon was then said to be evaluating its options but now that Yahoo revealed another hack which left more than one billion user accounts compromised, a new report claims Verizon is possibly thinking […]

Yahoo Says Another Billion User Accounts Have Been Hacked
Yahoo is definitely not in a good place right now. Back in September, it was revealed that Yahoo had been hacked in which about 500 million user accounts had been affected. However it seems that wasn’t the end of it because in a recent press release (via Business Insider), the company revealed that another 1 billion accounts have also been compromised.

Yahoo Answers For Mobile Is Now Open To All
Last month we reported that Yahoo had launched the Yahoo Answers app on mobile. However the app at that time was an invite-only app, meaning that Yahoo was testing out the app before opening it up to the public. The good news is that in an announcement made on Tumblr, Yahoo has revealed that the app is now available for all.

Yahoo Answers Now Has A Dedicated Mobile App
If you have ever searched for answers to your questions on the internet, there’s a good chance that you’ll have come across Yahoo Answers in which your question, or a question that’s similar, has been asked and answered by internet users. Now it looks like there is finally a dedicated mobile app for it.