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Yahoo Admits Some People Knew About Massive 2014 Hack
Yahoo confirmed a couple of months ago that it was the victim of what it calls a “state-sponsored” cyberattack that left details of more than 500 million of its users compromised. This cyberattack actually took place back in 2014 and the company has been trying to piece it all together, it only disclosed the hack a few months ago and now Yahoo has admitted that some people inside the company […]

Yahoo Wants The Government To Explain Why It Was Made To Scan Emails
A recent report revealed that Yahoo had to comply with a government order to scan incoming emails of all of its users as intelligence agencies like the NSA and FBI were looking for specific digital signatures belonging to a group of miscreants they were after. The company has predictably taken a lot of flak for this. It has now published a letter which calls on the government to explain why […]

Yahoo Evades Tough Questions By Canceling Earnings Call
Things aren’t really going great for Yahoo these days. Not long after the company inked its $4.8 billion acquisition deal with Verizon it was revealed that Yahoo was hit by a major cyber attack which compromised details of more than 500 million users. There have been reports that Verizon might demand a $1 billion discount on the deal now that the hack has been made public but while the company […]

Yahoo Email Forwarding Reactivated
Yahoo has had a tough few weeks following the revelation that it was the victim of a massive cyber attack which left details of more than 500 million users compromised and that it complied with a government order for scanning incoming emails of all users. It was then reported that Yahoo had disabled the email forwarding feature for Yahoo Mail users in what was perceived as an attempt to make […]


Yahoo No Longer Allows You To Forward Emails
After reports of a major hack at Yahoo which compromised details of more than 500 million users and scanning incoming emails of all users for the government, it’s likely that many of its users now want to ditch Yahoo Mail for another service but the company is not going to make that easy for them. In a very odd move, Yahoo has decided to disable email forwarding in Yahoo Mail.

Verizon Wants $1 Billion Discount On Yahoo After Hack
Not too long ago Verizon reached a $4.8 billion deal to acquire Yahoo but a lot has been made public since then. Yahoo confirmed two weeks ago that it was the victim of a massive cyberattack in 2014 which compromised usernames and passwords of more than 500 million accounts. It has also been revealed recently that Yahoo was scanning incoming emails of all of its users for the government. These […]

Yahoo CEO Sued For Allegedly Forcing Male Employees Out
These aren’t the best of days for Yahoo. As it deals with the fallout from the devastating cyber attack which left some 500 million users compromised, it’s also having to answer questions about its compliance with a secret order which resulted in the automatic scanning of all incoming user emails. A former executive has now sued Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer for allegedly forcing male employees out of the company.

Yahoo Reportedly Tweaked Spam Filter To Scan Emails For U.S. Government
It was reported recently that Yahoo complied with a secret order to scan all incoming emails of its users for the NSA and the FBI. The report claimed that Yahoo developed a special software program to make this happen. More details have emerged about how this came to be. The latest report claims that Yahoo tweaked a filter intended to screen emails for child pornography and spam to scan incoming […]

Yahoo Calls Claims Of Scanning Emails For NSA 'Misleading'
It was reported yesterday that Yahoo complied with a secret government order to scan incoming email of all of its users for the NSA and the FBI. It was claimed that Yahoo built a special software tool to make this possible. The company didn’t offer an explanation yesterday, only saying that it’s a law abiding company that complies with the laws of the United States. It has now sent out […]

CEO Marissa Mayer Reportedly Kept Secrets From Yahoo's Security Team
Yahoo is in the midst of a sale to Verizon and it finds itself at the center of a new controversy. Nevermind the fact that the company recently confirmed a major cyberattack that left more than 500 million user accounts compromised, it was reported yesterday that Yahoo complied with a top secret order from the NSA and scanned all incoming emails of its users, and a new report now claims […]

Yahoo Reportedly Scanned User Emails For The NSA
According to a new report, Yahoo built a secret software program last year to scan all of its users’ incoming emails for the National Security Agency. It’s claimed that Yahoo’s program was capable of scanning the emails for specific information provided by U.S. intelligence officials. It’s believed that this might very well be the first case in which an internet company willingly agreed to spy on its users to comply […]

This Is Why Yahoo Did Not Reset Passwords Following Data Breach
As you might have heard by now, especially if you’re a Yahoo user, the company has recently experienced a massive data breach. Usually in the case of such things, one of the first things a company would do is to reset the passwords of its users. The reason being is that in the event login credentials have been stolen, the hackers won’t be able to use them if the passwords […]

Yahoo Mail For Android Adds Fingerprint Support
As you might have heard, Yahoo has been hit with a massive data breach that supposedly compromised about 200 million user accounts. Now if you were quick enough to change the password to your Yahoo account, you might be pleased to learn that there are some added security measures added to the Yahoo Mail app.

Massive Yahoo Data Breach May Be Confirmed Soon
Things might be about to get worse for the ailing tech company Yahoo. A new report claims that in the near future, Yahoo is going to confirm a massive security breach which ended up compromising personal information of hundreds of millions of its users. The extent of the breach is unclear at this point in time but reports suggest that the hack was widespread and serious.