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Yale And August Unveil New HomeKit Enabled Smart Locks
#CES2019 – Yale and August aren’t new faces when it comes to smart locks for the home, and at CES 2019, both companies have teamed up to create a couple of new smart locks that are also HomeKit enabled, meaning that you’ll be able to use your iOS device to control them remotely or with your voice.

Yale To Start Selling Locks With August’s Auto-Unlock Tech
For those looking to equip their homes with smart locks, then August is a company that you might have heard of. What the company is known for is an auto-unlock module that can sit on top of existing locks, meaning that you don’t need to know how to replace a lock on a door in order to install it.

Amazon’s Alexa Can Now Unlock Yale’s Smart Locks
The number of smart locks that Alexa can control is increasing. Just recently it was announced that Alexa can now control Schlage’s smart locks, but now Alexa users can add Yale to the list. Yale has recently announced that their smart locks will now play nicely with Alexa, allowing users to control their smart locks using their voice.

Nest’s Video Doorbell & Smart Lock Now Available For Purchase
Nest might be a company known for their smart thermostat, smoke alarm, and home security cameras, but in case you missed the news, Nest recently teamed up with lockmaker Yale to launch a smart lock, which together with the Nest video doorbell are finally available for purchase.


Yale Unveils New HomeKit Compatible ‘Assure Lock SL’ Smart Lock
Yale is a company that has been dealing with locks for the home and office for decades. However with homes getting smarter, Yale has also decided to hop on board the IoT bandwagon by introducing smart locks that can be controlled using apps and through various IoT platforms such as Apple’s HomeKit.

Yale’s Smart Locks Are Now HomeKit Compatible
[CES 2017] Yale is a brand that many homeowners are familiar with, or even if you’re not, there’s a good chance that if you look at your padlock or your keys that it would have been made by Yale. In recent times, the company has applied their lock-making experience to their smart locks, which they have released a couple over the years.

Lock Maker Yale Announces The Linus Smart Lock
Some of you guys might not have noticed, but there is a fair amount of locks and padlocks that are made by the company Yale. Usually their brand is engraved so it isn’t particularly obvious, but grab a padlock or look at the lock on your door and chances of it being Yale is pretty high. The company has been making traditional locks for more than a century and now […]