yale-assure-key-free_homekit-copy[CES 2017] Yale is a brand that many homeowners are familiar with, or even if you’re not, there’s a good chance that if you look at your padlock or your keys that it would have been made by Yale. In recent times, the company has applied their lock-making experience to their smart locks, which they have released a couple over the years.

However it seems that Yale’s smart locks have gotten smarter and more functional, thanks to Yale announcing that (some of) their locks will be HomeKit compatible. For those unfamiliar, HomeKit is Apple’s answer to the smart home, where HomeKit compatible devices can be controlled directly from the iOS home screen itself via the Home app.

Alternatively this also means that users will be able to unlock or lock their Yale smart locks using Siri, as well as checking up on things like battery status, add/delete PIN codes, check the current lock status (in case you forgot to lock the door), and so on. If you own the 3rd gen Apple TV or later, remote functionality is also possible.

With HomeKit, users can access features like “scenes”, where you can tell Siri what you’re doing and the Yale lock will respond. For example telling Siri you’re going to bed will see your doors locked (if it isn’t already), thermostat turned down, and lights off. Compatible Yale locks will include the Yale Real Living Assure Locks and Yale NexTouch Wireless Locks. There will also be a HomeKit Network Module which will let you retrofit HomeKit compatibility to existing locks instead of buying a new one.

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