Nest might be a company known for their smart thermostat, smoke alarm, and home security cameras, but in case you missed the news, Nest recently teamed up with lockmaker Yale to launch a smart lock, which together with the Nest video doorbell are finally available for purchase.

Starting with the smart lock, like we said this is a collaboration between Nest and Yale. This is a WiFi-equipped lock that does not require a key, and will instead work with a code to unlock the door. Homeowners will also be able to control who has access to the lock via their phone, which means that you won’t need to physically give relatives or friends your house key when you’re not around.

As for the Nest Hello doorbell, this is rather straightforward as this is a doorbell that comes with a built-in camera that allows users see who might be at the door. The doorbell will be able to alert users when someone’s at the door, and will also be able to issue canned responses if you are unable to open the door in a timely manner.

In terms of pricing, the Nest Yale smart lock will retail for $249 while the Nest Hello video doorbell will go for $229.

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