Philippe Starck & Jerome Olivet Design The Smartphone Of The Future
In the past our electronic gadgets weren’t much to look at. For the most part they were functional but their form wasn’t necessarily what you would call eye-catching. Fast forward to more modern times, design is a huge part in our decisions as to whether or not we should purchase a particular product.

Parrot Disco 50 mph fixed-wing Drone with Assisted Piloting
At CES 2016, Parrot unveiled Disco, its new aircraft drone, and we were quite amazed by the design of this lightweight and manta ray-inspired form factor. Today, Parrot officially launched the Disco, and we will get our hands on it.

SamsungOne Is Samsung’s Official Universal Typeface
There are many things that one can associate with a brand or company, like how the swoosh is indicative of Nike, or how a red and white combination could be associated with Coca-Cola, and so on. Tech companies like Google and Apple have created fonts for themselves and their products to make it feel more cohesive, and it looks like Samsung will be hopping on that bandwagon as well.

Dutch Firm Creates Cardboard House Built To Last 100 Years
When you think of cardboard, maybe you’re thinking of cardboard boxes which for the most part, are pretty flimsy and soft, but they’re sturdy enough to hold your objects. However to think of a house built out of cardboard sounds like it might be a modern day take on the Three Little Pigs, or is it?


This Pop-Up House Can Be Put Together Like LEGO
You would think that building a house or an office space is a complicated process, and we suppose it is, especially when you have to consider things like the foundation, its structural integrity, wiring, plumbing, and etc. However what if houses were easy to build? What if putting together a house could be like building a LEGO structure?

Japan Unveils The Design Of Their 2020 Olympic Stadium
Zaha Hadid is one talented architect which is why it wasn’t surprising that Japan had originally chosen her to design their 2020 Olympic stadium. While the design itself is pretty out there, the design was also met with a lot of controversy namely due to how much it would cost, the cost of which had ballooned to $2.02 billion.This was up from the original proposal which was set at $1.31 […]

Shipping Container Homes: 10 Most Amazing
Home is a necessity for everyone: some people just need a shelter to live while others may want to build a masterpiece. This leads to some really unusual types of houses, ranging from big, small, wooden, concrete, brick, stone, vernacular and… shipping containers. Yes, you heard it right, people even use old cargo containers to build astounding houses.The idea might seem a bit impractical, but if architects can construct a […]

Sona Connected Bracelet Review: Hands-on
There are zillions of smart bracelets, fitness trackers of all shapes and forms out there, and it’s hard to know what added value they offer besides tracking  your steps, your running sessions and your sleep patterns. The most advanced have an integrated heart rate monitor, and for people who like to charge devices often, some feature  a nice screen, colored or not. For me personally, they cannot do much, because […]

This Bike Bridge In Copenhagen Is Enough To Make You Lose Your Lunch
If you were to ask which city in the world deserves to be known as the most bike-friendly city, there is a very good chance that Copenhagen will top that list, or at the very least be one of the top few choices. That being said, it looks like the city is building a new bike bridge and you’re probably wondering, so? What’s the big deal?The big deal is that […]

Switzerland’s Vertical Forest Will Run On Sustainable Energy
Malls and apartments due to their dense population take up a lot of energy. This is why over in Switzerland, they are looking to design what they are calling a “vertical forest”. This follows an architectural competition in which Italy’s Stefano Boeri is given the go ahead to design such a building which will rely on sustainable energy to keep it powered.Dubbed La Tour de Cedres, as you can see […]

Lexus Unveils Electric Car Made From Cardboard
A couple of months ago, Lexus unveiled their hoverboard. That was pretty awesome even though it could only be ridden in a specially designed park, but still pretty neat all the same. However it looks like the company has outdone itself as they have taken the wraps off a full-sized origami-inspired electric car that is made from cardboard.Yup, you read that right. As you can see in the photos and […]

First Jony Ive-Designed Apple Store Debuts In Brussels
Jony Ive is the man that is usually credited for designing Apple’s products. However recently it would seem that his attention has shifted from products to interior design. Over in Brussels, an Apple store designed by Jony Ive has recently made its debut and basically shows off what we can expect from Apple stores in the future.Thanks to the footage from Belgian site ANV, we are able to get a […]

Duckweed Survival House Could Help Improve Survival Rates At Sea
Most of us can safely say that we have never been lost at sea. We can only imagine that it is a scary and dangerous thing, and from what we know, exposure to the elements like the sun and the lack of drinkable water means that being lost too long out at sea will most likely lead to death.However designers Zhou Ying and Niu Yuntao have created a concept survival […]

Goodbye Infinity Pools, Say Hello To The Sky Pool
When the infinity pool concepts first launched, they were beautiful. In fact they are still pretty beautiful as it gives the illusion that there is no edge. However over in London, developers Ballymore Group are working on new luxury flats called Embassy Gardens, and one of the building’s key features would be its suspended swimming pool, or rather its sky pool.As you can see in the images, this is basically […]