Lamborghini just gave us a sneak peek at something pretty cool – their very first all-electric car concept called the Lanzador. They showed it off at the Monterey Car Week, and it’s a glimpse of what the brand planning to start making in 2028.

At first glance, we can clearly tell that it is like a posh road trip car; It’s got electric motors on both ends that can go super fast  (we’re talking over 1 megawatt, which is like having more than 1,300 regular horsepower).

The Lanzador Car Concept. (Image: Lamborghini)

The cool part is that you can mess around with how it drives, how it cuts through the air, and even how it handles the road. All these tricks are built into the steering wheel, so it’s like a video game controller for your car. Lamborghini says it’s going to be even more fun to drive than a regular car with a noisy engine.

It’s not super huge – around 5 feet tall – but it’s got these chunky 23-inch wheels that give it a tough look. Even though it’s not that big, they managed to make the inside sort of roomy. The seats are adjustable, there’s space for some stuff in the back, and they hid another storage spot under the front.

The Lanzador Car Concept. (Image: Lamborghini)

Customization & Tech

The brand claims this car can be “your everyday ride and your speedster for the weekends”. Drivers can switch things up with the controls on the steering wheel and something worth mentioning is this fancy tech called Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata (LDVI), which uses some sensors to improve the driving experience. New radar sensors placed behind the windshield are included, and they’re planning to also include them in other electric cars they’ll make later on.

The Lanzador Car Concept. (Image: Lamborghini)

If you’re one of those drivers who love to adjust things, it’s possible to tweak the suspension to make it comfy or sporty, as well as customize the way that the air flows around it to make it faster or more efficient. They didn’t spill all the beans on how far it can go on a charge, but they did say they’re using a super high-performance battery — And they’re going green with some recycled materials inside, (seats and panels are made from recycled stuff).

Hybridization For All by 2024

Remember that Sián car Lamborghini came out in 2019? It was their first hybrid, mixing electric power with regular engine power. They’re planning to make all their cars hybrids by 2024 but they’re not totally committing to electric cars like other brands (at least, not just yet).

The Lamborghini Sián was the first hybrid car (electric + regular engine) manufactured by the brand. (Image: Lamborghini)

So, there you have it – Lamborghini’s dipping their toes into the electric car pool, and we’ve got a peek at what they’re cooking up. Let’s see where they take this electric road!

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