Hot Wheels With NFC Is The Childhood We Wished We Had

Back in the day, our toys were relatively low-tech where they were pretty much what they came out of the box of. These days, toys have become considerably more complex and sophisticated, and Mattel is certainly making us wish that we had some of them back in the day by launching the Hot Wheels Smart Track Kit.

Fake Amusement Park Viral Video Shows Why We Can’t Believe What We See Online

Amusement park rides these days are becoming more creative and daring than ever, which is why it wasn’t that hard to believe a viral video that has been making its rounds. For those unfamiliar, there was a recent video showing a ride at an amusement park in Seoul, South Korea dubbed the Gyro Drop.

Facebook Wants To Make Public Comments Feel More Meaningful

If you’ve ever gone through the comments on a public Facebook post, it can sometimes feel like it is the perfect example of everything wrong about the internet and social media these days. This is why Facebook has recently announced an initiative in which they are hoping that they can make public comments feel more meaningful.

Lenovo ThinkPad P1: The Workstation Version of X1 Extreme

Lenovo is busy launching new professional products this week, and the ThinkPad P1 is the laptop that we like the most.


Tesla Wants To Bring YouTube To Its Cars

Our cars are designed to take us from Point A to Point B, but it seems that in a bid to perhaps shake up the way we drive and how we view our cars, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has been coming up with some pretty novel ideas. For example, it wasn’t too long ago that he announced that Cuphead would be playable in Tesla’s cars. He also recently revealed that […]

12-Year Old Girl Invents An Ingenious Way Of Making IV Drips Less Scary For Kids

Even as adults, going in for a medical procedure can be nerve-wracking, so we imagine that doing so as kids can be even more scary, especially if they don’t quite understand what’s going on. That was exactly how Ella Casano felt when she had to go in for medical procedures when she was as young as seven due to an autoimmune disease called Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura.

Google Releases Free Drag-And-Drop Tool That Lets You Build 3D Games

Developers of video games have a pretty tough job. This is because there’s really no way to fully satisfy each and every single gamer out there, where even highly-rated games will always have gamers who will complain about something, about features that should be changed, and so on.

Xbox Boss Shows Camaraderie By Saying E3 Isn’t As Good Without Sony’s Presence

It’s no secret that as far as consoles are concerned, Microsoft and Sony are rivals with their Xbox and PlayStation platforms respectively. For years, both companies have enjoyed a healthy rivalry and it shows, especially this year where Xbox boss Phil Spencer showed his competition some camaraderie.

NOAA Upgrades U.S. Weather Forecast Model

The core U.S. weather forecast model is about to receive a much-needed update. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s flagship weather model, the Global Forecast System, is receiving a significant upgrade to include a new dynamical core called the Finite-Volume Cubed-Sphere (FV3). This change will bring about a massive improvement in global numerical weather prediction with improved forecasts of severe weather, winter storms in addition to tropical cyclone intensity and […]

Airbnb Adventures Will Add Some Thrill To Your Next Vacation

Airbnb would much rather you use its platform to find temporary housing on your next vacation instead of staying in a hotel. The platform has evolved into much more than just one that lets you find a space to stay. You can book a variety of experiences through the app to get more immersed in local life. It’s now introducing something for the thrill seekers. With Airbnb Adventures, you can […]

Target Now Offers Same-Day Delivery Through Its Website

With Amazon planning to make one-day delivery the standard for Prime members, Target is improving its same-day delivery offering as well. The retailer today announced that it’s making it easier for customers to have their purchases delivered on the same day. They will be able to place their orders directly on and have them delivered by Shipt.

San Francisco To Use AI For Reducing Bias When Charging Crimes

A “bias mitigation tool” will now be used by San Francisco in order to automatically redact information from police reports which could identify a suspect’s race. The tool uses basic artificial intelligence techniques in order to reduce bias when people are being charged with crimes. This is meant to prevent prosecutors from being influenced by racial bias when they’re deciding whether or not to charge a suspect. San Francisco will […]

Tyson Foods Is Launching Its Own Fake Meat Products

Companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are in the plant-based protein or “fake meat” business and they will soon have a big competitor to deal with. Tyson Foods is entering the market. It happens to be the largest producer of meat in the country and now it’s going to sell plant-based protein as well.

New Google Docs Feature Lets You Compare Documents Against Each Other

If you’re someone who uses Google Docs fairly regularly and need to make a lot of edits, then you might be interested in a new feature that Google has introduced to its browser-based text editor. Dubbed “Compare Documents”, this is as its name suggests, where it will let users compare documents next to each other.