YouTube Reportedly Paying Big Money To Creators To Promote New Features

Back in the day YouTube was more or less the default platform that people would turn to for video content. Nowadays there are more options, and with trends shifting, YouTube is definitely in danger of possibly losing their position at the top. So much so that it seems that in a bid to keep visitors interested, they’re paying creators a ton of money to help promote some of YouTube’s features.

Apparently Google Continues Tracking Users Even When Told Not To

It has been said that (depending on where you are) pressing the crosswalk button to make it turn green is nothing but a placebo, designed to give users the feeling that they are in control. Could the same be said for privacy settings? In a report from AP, it’s starting to feel that way with Google.

Tourists In Rome Get Into A Fight Over The Best Selfie Spot

In this day and age of social media, everyone is trying to one up each other by showing off their latest purchase, the food they eat, the places that they’ve been to, encouraging the upload of selfies (which also seems to be fueling the plastic surgery industry). However it seems that over in Rome, tourists trying to get the best selfie spot ended up getting into a fight.

Instagram Slammed Over Its Targeted ‘Facetune’ Ads

Instagram displays ads in between the news feed and also in its Stories. It’s how the company makes its money. These ads are also targeted which means that these are ads that Instagram thinks you might like based on a number of factors. However recently it seems that quite a few are taking offense to Instagram’s ads for an app called Facetune.


AMD Unveils The Radeon Pro WX 8200 GPU For Workstations

Not all GPUs were made equal. While many might associate GPUs with gaming, the reality is that GPUs can be used for other things as well, such as video processing. For those who are in need for a powerful GPU for work purposes that might not necessarily break the bank, the folks at AMD might have something for you.

‘Uncharted’ Movie Close To The Start Of Filming

For years now we have been hearing reports that Sony is interested in making an Uncharted movie, but to date filming has yet to begin. However it seems that we could be getting close. In a report from The Playlist, director Shawn Levy revealed that the movie is getting closer to the start of filming.

Facebook’s Friend List Feeds Feature Has Been Shut Down

Facebook’s News Feed is where you get all the updates on your friends, pages and people you follow, and so on. However depending on how many friends you have and how many pages you follow, it can be a mess which means that sometimes you miss out on certain things or friends that you do want to keep tabs on.

Hulu Becomes First Streaming Service To Carry Jeopardy

Jeopardy has been a TV staple for more than three decades but those who no longer use a conventional TV service were unable to tune into the show. As standalone online TV streaming services become more popular, Jeopardy is finally making the jump to the streaming landscape as well. Hulu is the first online TV streaming service to carry Jeopardy.

Halo Arcade Game Locations Include Every Dave & Buster’s

Curious about the Halo arcade game locations? Just head over to your nearest Dave & Buster’s. The new Halo arcade game is out this summer. It’s called Halo: Fireteam Raven and it’s a four-player co-op arcade shooter that has been developed by Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix. The game is set during the events of the first game. Halo: Fireteam Raven will be played on a 130 inch wide 4K […]

Elon Musk Reportedly Still Looking For Funding To Take Tesla Private

Elon Musk recently took Tesla’s shareholders and the market by surprise when he tweeted that he’s considering taking Tesla private at $420 per share. He also mentioned in the tweet that funding for this endeavor has been secured. However, a new report claims that Musk is still working to bring in sufficient financial support for this transaction which is expected to cost at least $50 billion.

Spotify Letting Free Users Skip All Ads In New Test

Spotify, the most widely used music streaming service in the world, is running a new test down in Australia where it’s allowing users on its free ad-supported tier to skip both video and audio ads as many times as they like. While it might seem counterproductive at first, this test may help Spotify better target users for advertisements down the line.

Twitch’s Communities Feature Will Be Shutting Down

Last year Twitch launched a new feature on its website called Communities. The idea of it was to help users of Twitch find pages of games or topics, but now it seems that Twitch has decided that a little over a year later that they will be shutting the Communities feature down. Instead the company has decided to replace it with Tags in its place.

Capcom Brings Resident Evil 2’s Lexington Typewriter To Life

For those who have played Resident Evil 2, chances are you might be familiar with the Lexington typewriter from in the game. It is somewhat iconic and if you thought it would be cool to own the typewriter, Capcom is more than happy to oblige as they have brought the Lexington typewriter to life to celebrate the impending launch of Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Supports Netflix’s HD & HDR

In our hands-on review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, we pointed out how like Samsung other flagship phones in the past, the Note 9 is packing a beautiful display. The good news for those who are eyeing the handset is that it looks like watching Netflix on it will be a fantastic experience, namely because of how Netflix can be watched in HD and HDR on the handset.