Instagram Has Come Up With A New Way To Tackle Phishing Scams

More often than not, you come across popular Instagrammers who might have their accounts hacked and taken over. This can happen in many ways, one of which involves phishing scams where an email, supposedly from Instagram, is sent to the victim, where they might fall for it and give away their login details.

Twitch’s Streaming App Is Now Available On Apple TV

If you’re a streamer or if you enjoy watching people stream games, you’ll be pleased to learn that Twitch’s availability just got a bit wider because following the announcement last month, it looks like Twitch’s app is now available for download for Apple TV users, where they’ll be able to enjoy Twitch’s streams on a larger screen in their living room.

Hulu For iOS Will Now Support Offline Viewing

One of the features of streaming platforms like Netflix is the ability for users to be able to download their shows for offline viewing. This is useful if you’re going somewhere with limited internet or if you just want to save battery. Either way, it’s a good feature to have and the good news is that it is finally available for Hulu users.

Sony No Longer Allow PS4 Gamers To Share Screenshots, Videos On Facebook

For a while now, Sony PS4 gamers could integrate with Facebook where they will be able to directly share screenshots and videos they have taken in a game onto the social media platform. This is useful for gamers who want to let their friends and followers know what they’re doing, and could also be used as a promotional tool of sorts for streamers.


Instagram’s Controversial ‘Following’ Activity Tab Is Now Gone

One of the features Instagram has had for quite a while now is the Following activity tab. Basically, this allows users to see what the people they’re following is up to, which includes likes, follow activity, and even comments. This has been a somewhat controversial feature as it can be used as a tool to spy on others.

Matternet’s Technology Powering First FAA-Approved Drone Airline for UPS

 Last Thursday at TC Disrupt 2019, we encountered Matternet, the first drone technology that will deliver UPS packages up to 5 pounds. On October 1st, 2019, UPS subsidiary UPS Flight Forward Inc announced it has received the first full Part 135 Standard certification to operate a drone airline, using Matternet’s drones.We covered the announcement of Matternet and UPS partnership a few months back, and last week, the  U.S. government made […]

Facebook’s Dead ‘Group Stories’ Finds A New Home On Instagram

group storiesBack in 2018, Facebook launched a feature for its platform in the form of Group Stories, where users could post Stories that would be only available in Groups. However, the feature must not have been particularly well-received because just last month, Facebook announced that they would be killing off the feature.

PayPal Withdraws Their Support For Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency

Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency has yet to be released but it seems that the company is already facing quite a number of issues. Adding onto those issues would be PayPal, who was initially announced as one of the founding supporters of Libra, but have now confirmed that they will be withdrawing their support of it.

Instagram To Use AR To Help Boost Its Shopping Platform

Instagram had initially started as a platform for users to share photos with each other, but it has since grown to become more than just that. It has become a platform where businesses can use it to announce upcoming products or services, and in some instances, even allow users to shop on it.

Instagram’s ‘Restrict’ Feature Will Help Users Fight Against Bullies

Online harassment is a real problem that social media platforms have been trying to fight against to protect their users. It looks like Instagram could have a potential solution because the company has announced that they will be rolling out a new feature for its platform in the form of “Restrict”.

There Is Now An Official Overwatch Cookbook

During the early days of video games, how players could regain health and mana were through simple items like health and mana potions, or in cases, picking up medikits littered through the game’s stage. However, we’ve started to see more effort put into the consumables in video games, where in some games, players will need to complete quests and hunt for ingredients to make certain dishes.

Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Elements 2020 Launched With New AI Tools

If you’re a budding photographer or videographer, you know that it can be intimidating when it comes to using editing tools like Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Elements. While these are extremely powerful tools favored by the heavy hitters in the industry, they can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of functions that are available.

Missed That Hot Sneaker Drop? GOAT’s AR Feature Will Let You ‘Try’ Them On

For a lot of us, shoes are meant to be worn and to protect our feet or used for specific purposes like running, hiking, and so on. However, the sneakerhead community has changed the way we look at shoes, where shoes have become a hot commodity where some collect sneakers just for the sake of collection and not to wear.

Apple Has An Idea On How To Improve The Touchscreen Typing Experience

Typing on a touchscreen keyboard is perfectly fine for firing off short messages, but as you might know, typing out longer documents and emails can be tiresome. This is due to the lack of feedback that you get when typing with a virtual keyboard versus an actual physical keyboard, but it seems that Apple could have an idea on how to fix that.