These Guys Just Drove Across The Country In 27 Hours
The US is a huge country and as such, driving across it would take a long time. In fact, it has been estimated that if you were to spend 8 hours a day driving, an entire trip from the coast to coast would take anywhere between 4-6 days. However, three guys – Arne Toman, Douglas Tabbutt and Berkeley Chadwick – have managed to achieve that in a potentially new record […]

Google Ditches 100Mbps Plan For New Google Fiber Customers
Just like most internet service providers, Google used to offer a basic entry-level plan for Google Fiber in the form of a 100Mbps plan. Priced at $50, this was a good way for customers to get into Google Fiber. However, it seems that moving forwards, Google has decided to scrap the plan entirely for new customers.

Google Testing Autocomplete Suggestions For Google Assistant
Google Assistant is Google’s digital assistant, but unlike other digital assistants like Siri, Google Assistant has the added advantage of allowing the user to type to it. This means that if you’d rather not speak to it using your voice, maybe it’s not particularly convenient, you won’t have to as you can type in your query.

Netflix Testing A New Shuffle Feature That Will Make Binging A Lot Easier
If you’re a Netflix user, there is a good chance that you binge-watch quite a bit of shows. This is easy when it comes to series, but what if you finished the series that you were watching? Then what? Sometimes it can be hard to get into a new show, but that’s something that Netflix is apparently looking to fix.


Google Photos Now Has An In-App Messaging Feature
One of the features of Google Photos is the ability to share photos by creating albums and adding them to it. For the most part, it works, but what if you only wanted to share a couple of photos? Thankfully, Google seems to have found a solution to that conundrum in the form of an in-app messaging feature.

Someone Used Sony’s PlayStation Network To Sell Drugs
Thanks to online communities and online store fronts that anyone can create without much oversight, it seems that some of these services are being abused. In a report from Motherboard, it appears that Sony’s PlayStation Network was recently abused, where it was discovered that someone had used the online gaming service to sell drugs.

Congressman Pleads Guilty To Spending Campaign Funds On Video Games
When someone gives you money to spend on something, but you use it to spend on something else, that’s probably not right, especially if you’re a government official. Such is the case with US congressman Duncan D. Hunter who had recently pleaded guilty to spending funds that were meant for campaigning on other things, such as video game purchases on Steam.

New Russian Law Requires Russian Software To Be Preinstalled On Smartphones
In the past when you would buy a smartphone from a carrier, they would typically install their own apps and services on the phone in a bid to try and get you to use them. This is also known as bloatware and it is something that the majority of customers do not like or appreciate. However, over in Russia, that will soon become mandatory.

Facebook Has A Chatbot That Helps Employees Discuss The Company’s Scandals
Being employed in a huge tech firm like Facebook sounds like it would be the dream of many, and we imagine that is still somewhat true. However, the company has been embroiled in numerous scandals in the recent months and years, meaning that without doubt should you ever mention you work at Facebook, you might be asked for your thoughts on these scandals.

This Ring Creates A Fake Fingerprint To Help You Maintain Your Privacy
A lot of smartphones these days rely on biometric security such as fingerprints. While this might be a more secure way of logging into our devices, there is the issue of what happens if our fingerprints have been stolen? Since we can’t change fingerprints like we do passwords, this creates a problem.

Underwater Speakers Could Help To Revive Dying Coral Reefs
While coral reefs might be pretty to look at, they also play a very important role in the ocean’s ecosystem and due to pollutants and the constant changes in our environment, many coral reefs around the world are slowly dying. However, could there be a way to slow the process down and maybe even reverse it?

China Now Requires Facial Scans When Registering For A New SIM Card
While the rest of the world looks at facial recognition tech with a wary eye due to privacy concerns, over in China, the country seems to have embraced the technology with both arms open. We’ve seen this adopted by law enforcement, schools, and even restaurants, and now it looks like the government will be taking things one step further.

Check out new devices by La French Tech at b8ta retail storesEditor's Pick
B8ta was founded in 2015 to create spaces where shoppers can try the latest high-tech products out of the box. The first location opened in Palo Alto, and the Retail-as-a-Service company now counts 23 showrooms  across the United States. A few innovative IoT French companies have been selected by Business France to launch in the U.S.  in partnership with b8ta, from December 1st until January 31st.

Twitter Is Testing Reddit-Like Threaded Conversations
If you’ve ever used or looked at Twitter, you know that the social network’s design isn’t exactly the most intuitive, especially when you’re looking at replies and comments on tweets. However, in the past, Twitter has been testing out different ways to approach the conversations that users have on its platform.