Google Will Soon Block Logins From Embedded Browsers

Apps on our mobile devices like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and so on come with their own built-in browsers. The idea is that this will help keep users using their app even when they have clicked a link. However, the problem with embedded browsers is that they can be exploited and used with man-in-the-middle attacks.

Instagram Might Soon Hide ‘Like’ Counts From Audiences

It’s starting to feel that a reason why people post on social media these days is for the “likes”, which is basically a way of validating oneself, where popularity is judged by the number of likes a post gets. However, in a somewhat controversial move, it seems that Instagram is testing out a change in its user interface where likes will be hidden from your audience.

Facial Recognition To Be Used On 97% Of Departing Passengers In Four Years

The Department of Homeland Security estimates that it will use facial recognition technology on 97 percent of departing passengers within the next four years. The system photographs passengers before they board their flight and it was first rolled out in 2017. The Biometric Exit is already in use at 15 airports in the United States.

YouTube Will Finally Return To Amazon Fire TV Devices

The long-running standoff between Google and Amazon has finally ended as both companies announced a compromise this morning. As part of the compromise, YouTube will once again be available on Amazon’s Fire TV devices whereas the Amazon Prime Video app will receive Chromecast support and will also be more widely available on Android TV>


Adidas Futurecraft Loop Is A Shoe That Is Completely Recyclable

As we are starting to look towards a more sustainable future, we’re starting to see companies take the initiative, such as Starbucks who will no longer provide straws to customer to cut down on the amount of plastic that we use. However, if there is one industry that we might not necessarily think too much about, it would be shoes.

Facebook Wants To Challenge Amazon, Apple, Google With Their Own Voice Assistant

At the moment, most of the major tech companies have their own digital voice assistants. Amazon has Alexa, Apple has Siri, Google has Google Assistant, Microsoft has Cortana, and Samsung has Bixby. Unsurprisingly, Facebook now wants in on the action and according to a report from CNBC, they have heard from their sources that the company is indeed developing its own voice assistant software.

Ubisoft Giving Away Assassin’s Creed Unity For Free For A Week

As many have heard by now, efforts to rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral that recently caught on fire is underway, although we imagine that it will probably cost a lot of money to do so. Thankfully, several big tech companies and businesses have come forward to pledge their financial support to the rebuilding, and Ubisoft is one of them.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premiere Was Pirated 55 Million Times

HBO’s Game of Thrones has continued to be one of the most pirated TV shows of all time, and as such, it wasn’t surprising to learn that the long-awaited Season 8 premiere was heavily pirated as well. According to the data from analytics firm MUSO, they found that the premiere of Season 8 was pirated a whopping 55 million times.

How to Get a Refund From the Google Play Store

In real life when we purchase something that didn’t live up to our expectations or it turned out to be something we don’t need, usually we are able to return it to the store and get a refund. The same applies to downloaded apps, music, movies, and ebooks from Google Play, and here’s how you go about getting a refund for them.

How To Use Google Docs Offline

If you find yourself in a situation where you do not have access to the internet but need to do some work using Google Docs, not to worry because the platform actually lets you use it without an internet connection, and here’s how you use Google Docs offline.

Delayed Minecraft Movie Now Set For Release In March 2022

The live-action Minecraft movie has already suffered delays and at least there’s a new date now that fans can pencil into their calendars. Some may not be quick to take this new date at face value given the delays that have already taken place, they’d think the date could once again be pushed back. For now, though, they should expect the live-action Minecraft movie havecome out in Mach 2022.

3D Scans Could Help Rebuild The Notre Dame Cathedral

Earlier this week, the world was sent into shock when it was reported that the historic Notre Dame Cathedral had caught on fire. Given the historic significance of the building and the priceless artifacts, artworks, and knowledge stored in the building, many were understandably worried that we could lose it all.

Study Finds Screen Time For Kids Isn’t As Bad As We Think

These days it’s not uncommon to find parents using smartphones or tablets to keep their children entertained while at dinner. It was later suggested that excessive screen time for kids was bad and that it potentially had the ability to physically change the brain structure in kids. However, as it turns out, that might not be the case anymore.

Westworld Won’t Be Back Until 2020

HBO may be busy with the premiere of Game of Thrones but that series is going to wrap up in a few weeks. The cable giant also makes another series that has a dedicated fanbase of its own, Westworld. Fans of that series will have to wait for a bit longer because HBO chiefs have confirmed that Westworld won’t be back until 2020.