Apple Is Serious About Health Tech, Has Dozens Of Doctors On Staff

It is no secret that Apple is pretty serious regarding their interest in health technology. The Apple Watch is a perfect example that showcases the various health efforts the company has made, where they have include heart sensors that measures one’s heart rate, and also with the Series 4, and ECG that might have already saved its first life.

‘The Mandalorian’ Cast Officially Announced

As some of you might have heard, Disney is working on a new Star Wars TV series called The Mandalorian, which apparently they chose over the Boba Fett movie. So far what we know is that actor Pedro Pascal has been cast as the show’s lead, but now in an official announcement on the Star Wars website, additional cast members have since been revealed.

‘The Punisher’ Season 2 Will Launch In January, 2019 On Netflix

At the moment The Punisher is one of two remaining original Marvel TV series left on Netflix. The show’s first season kicked off with rave reviews, so safe to say that many were excited to see what the second season could bring to the table. The good news is that it looks like fans won’t have to wait much longer as the second season is expected to kick off in […]

HBO Releases New True Detective Season 3 Trailer

A new trailer for season three of HBO’s True Detective has been released today by the cable giant. It’s in keeping with the mysterious theme of the trailers that have been released previously. That has been done on purpose in order to entice people to actually start watching the series once it eventually airs.


China Farming Billions Of Cockroaches To Solve Its Food Waste Problem

China is testing a unique method for controlling its food waste problem. Billions of cockroaches are being farmed that are fed food scraps by the tonne. The conditions are kept just right for the critters so that they remain healthy and most importantly, retain their insatiable appetite.

Virgin Galactic May Reach Space For The First Time Soon

Virgin Galactic today announced that it’s putting the SpaceShipTwo’s test flights into overdrive. In this phase of the flight program, it will expand the limits for air speed, altitude, loads, and thermal heating. It also plans to burn the rocket motor for longer durations which would see its spaceship and pilots reach a space altitude for the very first time.

Police Are Catching Package Thieves With Fake Amazon Boxes

Some of you may have had your packages being stolen from outside your home. It continues to be a problem for many people and now police in Jersey City are using a new method to try and catch package thieves. They’re putting fake Amazon boxes outside people’s homes with cameras and GPS in order to get to the culprits.

Instagram Tightens Its Eating Disorder Filters

The problem with social media is that now everyone and anyone has a voice that can be seen, heard, and read by millions around the world at a click of a button. This is great for championing certain causes and raising awareness, but it also means that the bad stuff gets its own voice and platform as well.

Google Will Soon Teach You How To Pronounce Words Slowly

Over time, Google has evolved to be more than just a search engine to find topics on the internet. It has also become a platform to learn new things, such as calculations, conversions, the weather, and also word definitions, all of which can be done from Google Search itself without having to go to other websites.

Scott Derrickson Expected To Return To Direct Doctor Strange 2

If you enjoyed the first outing of Marvel’s Doctor Strange, then you’ll be pleased to learn that its sequel could see the return of the movie’s original director. In a report from The Hollywood Reporter, it has been revealed that the movie’s original director, Scott Derrickson, has apparently finalized a deal which will see him return for the movie’s sequel.

Mozilla Releases Firefox 64

For those of you out there who use Mozilla’s Firefox browser, you might be interested to learn that Mozilla has since released the latest build of the browser in the form of Firefox 64. According to Mozilla, the update to Firefox 64 will bring about improvements to the browsing experience, such as smart recommendations, browser tab management, and so on.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters Second Trailer Released

Earlier this year the trailer for the upcoming Godzilla: King of Monsters was released. If you can’t wait for the movie’s release, you’ll be pleased to learn that a new trailer for the movie has since been made available online, giving us a glimpse as to what we might be able to expect from the movie, such as the various monsters that will be part of it.

Super Micro Investigation Found No Malicious Chips In Motherboards

A couple of months ago, a report from Bloomberg suggested that Apple’s servers and other companies that used Super Micro’s tech were compromised. This was said to have been due to Chinese spies planting a tiny chip in the motherboards of the servers that could relay information back to China.

Instagram Testing Special Features For ‘High-Profile’ Creators

We now live in a world where there are people who hold jobs as social media “influencers”. Basically these are people who have a high number of followers on platforms such as Instagram, where the things they post, say, and do, have a chance of “influencing” their followers, like attending an event, buying a product, and so on.