India To Investigate Google For Monopolistic Practices With Android

One of the drawbacks to being such a huge company with a product used by people all over the world is that sometimes it can lead to legal issues. Take for example over in India where recently Indian regulators have decided to launch an investigation into the company for alleged monopolistic practices regarding Android.

Upcoming ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Could Premiere On Netflix

The way AMC’s Breaking Bad ended was kind of perfect in terms of television. Given that most shows tend to run for longer than they should and end with sometimes unsatisfying endings, Breaking Bad’s series finale was actually very well done. However for those who want to know what happened after that, you might have heard that a Breaking Bad movie is in the works.

Possible WWDC 2019 Dates Hinted At For 3-7 June, 2019

Typically every year Apple hosts WWDC where they reveal new software changes that will be coming to iOS and macOS. This year’s WWDC dates have yet to be confirmed, but it seems that we might have a rough idea of when it could be kicking off, thanks to the folks at MacRumors who uncovered potential dates.

Upcoming Google Maps Update Will Automatically Delete Location History

Not a fan of Google storing your location history while using Google Maps? That’s actually a feature that some are finding to be a bit invasive in terms of privacy, but the good news is that in an upcoming Google Maps update, Google will make it so that the app will automatically delete location history on a periodic basis.


Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medals Will Be Made From Recycled Electronics

Electronic gadgets have precious materials that can be recycled and the organizing committee for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games had previously said that it wanted to make atheles’ medals out of discarded gadgets. The committee has received “huge levels of support from the public and companies across Japan and from national and international athletes,” with municipal authorities collection some 47,500 tons of e-waste.

Google Fiber Will No Longer Be Available In Louisville

Google Fiber, the internet search giant’s gigabit internet service, was launched in Louisville, Kentucky alongside San Antonio, Texas back in 2017. The former now has the distinction of being the first market where Google will be shutting down the service. Google has since expanded Fiber to some 9 states across the country.

Toyota Finally Adds Android Auto Support

Toyota has finally relented. It has been one of the biggest car manufacturers to not offer Android Auto support in its vehicles but that’s set to change now. The Japanese auto giant has confirmed at the Chicago Auto Show that it’s bringing Android Auto to six models, initially. Four of the six models that are receiving support for Android Auto happen to be pickup trucks.

GrubHub Now Delivers Taco Bell Nationwide

Looking for your nightly Taco Bell fix but don’t want to get up off the couch? GrubHub is here to the rescue. Taco Bell is now offering nationwide delivery in partnership with GrubHub. The chain has previously tried its hand at delivery in a partnership with DoorDash as well, however, its GrubHub partnership will operate at a much larger scale.

NYPD Isn’t A Fan Of Waze’s User-Reported DWI Checkpoints

One of the features of Waze is that it crowdsources its information, such as accidents, traffic jams, and police checkpoints. These are useful features for users, although it seems that the NYPD isn’t particularly a fan of one of them, and yes, you guessed right, they aren’t loving the user-reported DWI checkpoints feature.

Disney+ Will Feature Non-Disney Content At Launch

Disney’s upcoming streaming service Disney+ is expected to play home to exclusive Disney content, which is probably going to be one of its selling points. However it seems that at launch, Disney could be including some non-Disney content which could be used to help populate the company’s catalogue for now.

Spotify Posts First Operating Profit As It Hits 96M Paying Subscribers

Spotify may be the biggest music streaming service in the market but the company hasn’t really been raking in the profits. It has actually just posted its first ever quarterly earnings profit which was driven by a strong margin and slower headcount growth than the company had previously expected. Spotify has previously said that it assigns more priority to growth over profits.

Leaking Toilet Makes Life Difficult For Space Station Crew

You can imagine that living on the International Space Station is not exactly a walk in the park. You’re sharing tiny spaces with other astronauts, supplies are limited, and there’s no gravity. The last thing you’d want is a leaking toilet but that’s something that the crew has now had to put up with as well.

Indian Government Wants WhatsApp To Come Up With A Way To Curb Fake News

Fake news can spread through various mediums, such as social media. It can also be spread through messaging apps such as WhatsApp, where users can simply forward and pass along fake news to their contacts at a touch of a button. This has presented a problem in the past in countries such as India, where it now appears that the government has had enough.

Disney’s Captain Marvel Will Not Be Coming To Netflix

Netflix is currently home to several Marvel movies which have been released and made available on the streaming platform for those who might want to rewatch them, or who might have missed out on watching it in the cinema. However Disney’s upcoming Captain Marvel will not be making that cut.