LG’s Wearable Robot Will Make You Stronger

LG is showcasing a wearable robot at IFA 2018 called the CLOi Suitbot. The company says that it’s the first human-centric robot that’s designed for industry and healthcare markets. It’s different from the robots that LG has launched so far which are capable of navigating airport lounges and hotel hallways all by themselves.

Disney Has Built Realistic Robotic Stunt Doubles

Stunt actors are generally overlooked and underappreciated. After all many people go to the movies to see their favorite actors and actresses, not to see who plays their stunt double. However stunt doubles are no doubt a necessity, especially in physically demanding movies, such as action movies.

Spear-Wielding Robot Can Protect Coral Reefs Against The Lionfish

It is funny how it seems that nature was designed to allow everything to live in harmony with each other, where each living being seems to have a purpose in the ecosystem. However sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way, like the lionfish who has been known to wreak havoc on the coral reefs.

Sony Aibo Robot Dog U.S. Price Confirmed

Sony relaunched the Aibo brand in Japan last year with a new robot dog. The company has now confirmed that it’s bringing this robot to the United States. It has also confirmed how much this robot is going to cost in the country. The new Aibo is going to be available for purchase starting next month and will come bundled with three years of Sony’s AI Cloud service in addition […]


DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom Camera Drones Announced

In recent times thanks to leaks and rumors, we have been hearing about DJI’s plans to launch a new series of Mavic drones, and sure enough the company has. DJI has officially announced two new camera drones in the form of the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, with DJI touting both drones as being the “most advanced” DJI camera drone ever built.

Japan To Use Robots In Schools For Improving English Skills

In a bid to improve the English skills of both teachers and students, Japan is turning to robots and artificial intelligence. Japan’s Ministry of Education will launch a trial and put English-speaking AI robots in almost 500 schools across the country. This initiative will be launched in April next year.

Automated Drones Will Be Used To Prevent Illegal Fishing In Africa

It has been a well-established fact that drones are useful for all kinds of situations, whether it be for creative purposes or even for industrial use. We’ve also seen how drones can be used to help keep birds from flying near airports to prevent any accidents, and now it looks like drones could also be used to help fight against illegal fishing.

Children Could Reportedly Be At Risk Of Being Influenced By Robots

Peer pressure is something that we all have to put up with throughout our lives, but it seems that in the future when robots become more prevalent in our homes and society, it appears that there could be a risk of what researchers are calling “robot influence”, and one that parents need to be concerned about.

ASUS Zenbo Junior Robot Reportedly Being Developed

Some of you may remember that ASUS unveiled a home robot called Zenbo back in May 2016. The robot was limited to select markets in Asia only and it was more of an experimental product. The response appears to have bene good because ASUS is now believed to be working on a successor to the robot called Zenbo Junior. It may come with a new processor, artificial intelligence features, and […]

Automated Drones Could Help Keep Birds Away From Airports

As big as our planes are, birds can actually pose a danger to them. Not because we’re worried about birds attacking planes, but rather because of what is known as “bird strikes”, where birds (or other animals that fly) crash into planes or get sucked into the engine of a plane which can cause damage to it.

The AirSelfie2 Flying Camera Is Now Available For Purchase

Drones have certainly changed the way photos and videos are taken, at least by enthusiasts and hobbyists who would not have had access to more expensive equipment. In fact back in 2017, a device by the name of the AirSelfie was launched in which it was a drone that was small enough to fit into a special case in a smartphone to take with you on the go.

Alleged DJI Mavic 2 Photos & Details Leaked

We have been hearing rumors that DJI is working on a new drone in the form of the Mavic 2. Now thanks to a render obtained by the folks at Photo Rumors, we have a better idea of what the upcoming drone could look like. The render also also seems to corroborate a leaked image from earlier this month in terms of its design.

New Bill In The UK Might Require Drone Owners To Be Of A Certain Age

There are age limits when it comes to doing certain activities, such as drinking, driving, smoking, voting, gambling, and so on. However the question is, should there be an age limit when it comes to using drones? That’s something a new bill proposed by the UK’s Department of Transport seems to suggest.

Robot Plant Pot Has Legs That Lets It Chase Sunlight

Plants need sunlight to survive and that’s a fact. This is why sometimes when you can see plants that end up growing in weird directions in order to best reach the areas where there is sunlight. Now the problem with indoor plants is that they don’t always have access to sunlight, but this robot could solve that problem.