iPad Robot Attends High School Graduation On Behalf Of Hospitalized Student

Graduating from high school is a pretty big moment in the lives of students as it signifies that they are now ready for the next step in life, which more often than not is either college or university. This is why attending the graduation ceremony is a big deal for both parents and students.

Boston Dynamics SpotMini Robot Will Go On Sale In 2019

Robotics company Boston Dynamics has released countless videos which reveal just how far along it has come with its technological advancements since its early days. One of its more intriguing creations is the SpotMini robot which kind of looks like a dog. The videos it has released of the SpotMini have shown the robot navigating around an office on its own, opening a door for a second SpotMini robot, and […]

Self-Learning Robots Could Soon Be Used To Inspect Nuclear Sites

There are obvious dangers to sending humans to inspect nuclear sites, especially if those nuclear sites might be leaking, have leaked, or are hazardous. Granted there are safety measures in place to try and protect humans who do these jobs, but it is clear that robots are definitely the way to go.

A Restaurant In Boston Is Using Robots To Cook Its Meals

We’ve known for a while that robots would eventually replace the jobs that we do, or at least some of it. Over in Boston, there’s a restaurant called Spyce that seems to be well on its way of proving just that as the restaurant’s food is completely cooked by robots. All customers have to do is go to the order screen, place their orders, and their food will be made […]


Aibo Robots In Japan Get Their Own ‘Funeral’

Sony’s Aibo robots are probably one of the more iconic robots around, especially since they were introduced back in the day when consumer robots weren’t as common or readily available. However just like with real dogs, Aibo dogs don’t “live” forever and over in Japan, it seems that Aibo robots that are “dead” are being given their own funerals.

Amazon May Be Developing A Home Robot

Amazon is a major player in the smart speaker market already and it appears that the company now has another device that it wants to put in your home. According to a new report, Amazon has been working on its first home robot which will have computer vision for navigation and will essentially double as a mobile Alexa.

Sony, Carnegie Mellon Team Up To Research Cooking Robots

Robots that can cook and make drinks already exist, but could this be the way of the future where more of our F&B outlets will start turning to robots for that? That’s why Sony and Carnegie Mellon University want to find out as both organizations have teamed up for research on AI and robotics.

More Leaked Photos Of DJI’s Rumored Phantom 5 Drone Leaked

According to a leaked photo from last month, it seemed to suggest that DJI could be working on a new Phantom drone that could feature an interchangeable lens camera. No doubt this sounds like an amazing idea and now thanks to newly leaked photos, more images of the rumored Phantom 5 drone have found their way online.

Elon Musk Admits Excessive Automation To Blame For Model 3 Delays

There are talks about how robots will eventually takeover jobs that humans do, and while it might seem like a very distant future for some, there are already some who are feeling it, namely those who work on the production line in which robots have taken over some (if not most) of the production to help speed things up.

Irrigation Robots Could Help California’s Wine Problem

When it comes to farming, it is no secret that robots and machinery is the way of the future. After all robots and machines require no rest and they are precise and efficient. However there is the argument that robots mean that jobs done by humans are replaced, but that might not necessarily be a bad thing for California’s wine scene.

Robotic Exoskeleton For Skiers Takes The Stress Off Your Knees

Skiing or snowboarding looks like they might be easy. After all it is letting gravity guide you down a slope, right? However for anyone who’s tried to pick up either sport, you probably know just how tiring it is as there is a lot more control than you think. It can also place an incredible amount of stress on your knees.

This Spiderbot Can Transform Itself Into A Rolling Wheel That Can Chase You

It seems that in the future not only might we have to be worried about robots that can outthink us, but also robots that can outrun us. The folks at Festo have recently taken the wraps off their latest robotic creation which is a spider-like robot that can fold up and transform into a rolling wheel that can chase after us.

DJI To Supply 1,000 Custom Drones For A Construction Company

DJI is a company that most people know as a drone maker, but it seems that the company is broadening their customer base and getting more into commercial projects. The company has recently announced that they have entered into a partnership with Japanese construction company Komatsu Smart Construction.

Amazon Patent Imagines A Drone That Recognizes Hand Signals

We know that Amazon is interested in using drones as a way of delivering packages to customers. Now it looks like in a patent filed by Amazon and discovered by GeekWire, it seems that Amazon might have some interesting ideas on how their customers might be able to interact with these drones.