Robots Become Even More Productive With A.I, At CEATEC 2018

Most people think of industrial robots as systems that work at peak efficiency from day one, and eventually gets replaced for a new model, but at CEATEC 2018, many companies where showing how currently deployed system can benefit from the Deep Learning AI to perform even more.

Meltin MMI Avatar Robot Creator Gets Additional Funding

During CEATEC 2018, the company behind this amazing Avatar robot, Meltin MMI, has announced that an additional $18M in a Series-B funding round.

Stepping On LEGOs: Soon A Thing Of The Past With This Robot That Tidies Up Rooms

We all know how fast a room can go from tidy to messy, especially if children toys are involved. What if there was a robot smart enough to sort things up, so you never step on a LEGO or come back to a messy room again?

Lawson Shows Off A Robot That Can Make Dumplings

#CEATEC2018 – Restaurants that use robots to prepare food aren’t new, and it seems that over in Japan, convenience store chain Lawson plans to use them as well. Unveiled at CEATEC 2018, the company showed off a robot that had the ability to prepare dumplings according to the customer’s preferences.


Japanese Retailer Uniqlo Replaces 90% Of Warehouse Staff With Robots

Uniqlo is a Japanese fashion retailer that is popular in many other markets as well. The company has recently overhauled operations at one of its warehouses in Tokyo. The warehouse in the Ariake district was once mainly staffed by humans but after a recent remodeling, much of the work is now being done by robots.

New Bill Will Allow US Authorities To Shoot Down Private Drones

Just like all pieces of technology, how it is used depends on the user, where some might use it for good, while others use it for nefarious purposes. Drones are a good example of this, where some might use them for aerial photography and videography, while others make themselves a nuisance by spying on their neighbors and going to places they shouldn’t.

DJI Drones Have Been Cleared To Fly Near Airports

Ever since drones have gotten more popular, more regulations have been created to help manage them, such as making it illegal for drones to fly in certain spaces, such as near airports as there have been multiple instances where we have seen near collisions with airplanes. However it seems that the FAA has decided to relax their rules a little.

Japanese Humanoid Robot Can Install A Drywall

AIST or Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Institute of Japan has made a humanoid robot that can perform simple construction tasks on its own. The video shows this robot, dubbed the HRP-5P, can install a drywall. It’s obviously not the fastest at installing drywall and a human will most certainly beat it at speed but it does get the job done and goes to show that robots will be more […]

Back Market Will Now Sell Refurbished Drones

Flying a drone sure looks like fun, and if you’re a photographer or videographer, then you have probably seen the cool aerial shots that you could take using a drone, shots that you might not have otherwise been able to pull off save for hiring a helicopter. However drones don’t always come cheap which can be a bit off-putting for some.

Cafe In Tokyo Employs Robots That Are Controlled By The Disabled

Being disabled means that there are certain physical things that you cannot do. This is more than just an inconvenience as it also affects a person’s employability, where for example not being able to walk essentially excludes the person from having a job as a waiter. However over in Tokyo, a cafe is hoping to change that.

Japan Lands Robots On Asteroid 180 Million Miles Away

Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency has landed a couple of robots on the asteroid Ryugu some 180 million miles from Earth. The cylindrical robots are about 18cm wide and 7cm tall. They made their journey on the Hayabusa2 spacecraft which was launched from the Earth back in December 2014.

New Sony Aibo Robot U.S. Pre-Orders Open

Sony recently brought back its Aibo robot dog after launching it first many years ago. The company has finally opened up pre-orders for the robot in the United States. Those who are interested in picking one up and have that kind of money to spend can now pre-order a First Litter Edition of Aibo in the United States. Sony expects to start shipping the robots by mid-December.

Dyson Unveils Its New 360 Heurist Robot Vacuum

When it comes to robot vacuums, there are several in the market. In fact it wasn’t too long ago that iRobot unveiled its latest Roomba. However if you’re looking for alternatives to the Roomba, then maybe you might be interested in Dyson’s latest creation in the form of the 360 Heurist robot vacuum.

Impossible Aerospace Claims Its Drone Can Be Flown For Up To 2 Hours

We’ve seen how drones can be used for entertainment and industrial purposes, but regardless of what they’re used for, they all share a similar disadvantage and that is poor battery life. For the most part a lot of drones are capable of only staying in the air for about 25 minutes, which means that using them for extended periods of time is impossible.