Apple Warns Of iPad And Mac Shortages In Second Half Of 2021
Planning to buy a new iPad or Mac computer? If you are, then you might want to do so soon. This is because during Apple’s earnings call for the second quarter of 2021, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that we might have to anticipate iPad and Mac shortages in the second half of 2021.

Apple Tried To Help Adobe Bring Flash Onto iOS
Apple’s mobile devices have never supported Adobe Flash. In fact, it was one of the marketing strategies that Apple’s competitors used to use against the company back in the day. However, given where we are now with Flash, we suppose it all kind of worked out in the end, but it turns out that somewhere along the way, Apple had tried to help Adobe out.

These Are The Release Dates For The New iPad Pros
Last week, Apple announced their new iPad Pros. The company stated that customers can pre-order the tablets on the 30th of April, but stopped short of providing an actual release date except to say the second half of May. However, leakster Jon Prosser has tweeted out the potential release date for either tablet.

Apple Releases iOS 14.5 Update With App Tracking Transparency
Over the past few months, we have heard bits and pieces of some of the features that Apple is working on in the upcoming iOS 14.5 update. The biggest change, however, will come in the form of app tracking transparency in which it will give users a bit more control over how their apps track them.


Apple’s New iPad Pro Doesn’t Support The Previous-Gen Magic Keyboard
At Apple’s Spring Loaded event last week, the company took the wraps off its brand new iPad Pro lineup. The changes were mostly under the hood where Apple gave the new iPad Pros the M1 chipset, but externally there are some changes, such as how the 12.9-inch model is apparently thicker than its predecessor.

Future Apple Pencil Could Sport A ‘Slide’ Gesture
When Apple introduced the second-gen Apple Pencil, the company also introduced new gestures. This involved tapping on the side of the stylus to change functionality, such as switching back and forth between the pen tool and the eraser tool, for example, but future Apple Pencils could come with a new feature.

Apple Insists They Have No Plans To Merge The iPad And Mac Together
Apple’s latest iPad Pro comes with an M1 chipset. This is the same chipset used to power other Apple computers like the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and more recently, the brand new 24-inch iMac. This has led some to wonder what this could mean? Could it be that Apple is looking to merge its iPad and Macs together?

iOS 15 Could Introduce A Redesign iPad Home Screen
The problem with Apple’s iPad at the moment is that despite the company’s attempts at trying to turn it into some kind of productivity powerhouse, the UI is simply not cut out for it. This is because iPadOS is still based on iOS which was designed with smartphones in mind and not computers.

Brydge 12.9 MAX+ iPad Pro Keyboard Case Launched
Given the size of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and also its performance capabilities, it can in some cases actually act as a laptop replacement. This of course varies depending on what you need from a computer, but for typing up documents and emails, it’s more than capable of doing that, especially with accessories like Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

Logitech Launches New Combo Touch Keyboard Case For The New iPad Pros
If you’re keen on getting your hands on the recently-announced iPad Pros, then you might also be shopping about for new accessories. Apple’s Magic Keyboard is a good accessory for the tablet, but unfortunately its price does leave quite a bit to be desired, with it starting at $299 for the 11-inch model, and $349 for the 12.9-inch model.

iPad Pro’s New Center Stage Feature Will Be Available For Third-Party Apps
Yesterday, Apple announced their brand new M1-powered iPad Pro. One of the features unveiled with the tablet include a feature called Center Stage. This appeared to be a FaceTime feature that can track the user’s face and allows the camera to “follow” the subject and try to keep them centered in the frame at all times.

Apple’s New iPad Pro Comes With An M1 Chipset, Mini LED Display
Rumors that Apple could make the jump to mini LED displays for the iPad Pro have been circulating for a while, and it looks like the rumor was true. At Apple’s Spring Loaded event, the company took the wraps off its latest refreshed iPad Pro where it not only sports a mini LED display, but also the use of the M1 chipset.

Microsoft Launches xCloud Public Beta For iOS Devices
While Apple has relaxed the restrictions on game streaming apps and services on iOS devices, it is still quite restrictive in terms of what developers need to do in order to get a streaming app authorized to be listed on the App Store. This is why many have since found a workaround which is by using Safari.

Samsung’s Tri-Fold Tablet Could Launch In 2022
In the past couple of years, Samsung has been making the push for foldable phones, which are basically phones that can transform into tablets when their display is unfolded. However, it seems that Samsung could be working on foldable tablets, which are tablets that can transform into even bigger tablets.

Alleged Apple Pencil 3 Shown Off On Video
Apple’s upcoming Spring Loaded event is largely expected to see the company introduce a refresh to its iPad lineup. The rumors are claiming that we could see Apple introduce updated iPad Pros that use mini LED displays, a welcome change given that the iPad lineup has used LCDs ever since it was first introduced.

Apple Pencil 3 Could Debut Alongside The New iPads
The last time Apple introduced an update to the Apple Pencil it was back in 2018 where the stylus came with a redesigned body and charging system. It was a much-welcome update over the clunky method from the original Apple Pencil. We have heard rumors that Apple could be working on the Apple Pencil 3 with a redesigned tip, and now it seems that the device could debut next week.

Does Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ Event Invite Hint At An iPad Launch?
Apple has been rumored to be preparing the launch for their new iPads and just yesterday, the company officially confirmed that they will be hosting an event next week that will most likely see the iPads being officially revealed. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but leakster @L0vetodream believes Apple hid a message in the invite.

New iPad Pros Still Expected For This Month, But Supplies Could Be Limited
Apple has long been rumored to be working on new iPad Pros with upgraded chipsets and also displays. The tablets were said to be launching this month, but to date we have yet to receive any confirmation that such an event would be happening. However, a report from Bloomberg believes that the tablets could still launch soon.

Global Chip Shortage Could Result In Delayed iPads And MacBooks
It has been rumored that Apple could be hosting an event this month where they might unveil new products like iPads and MacBooks. However, to date the company has yet to send out any invites or confirm an event. Were the rumors wrong? Possibly, but there could also be another reason why.

Over 90% Of iPhones And iPads Are Running iOS 14
iOS 14 was released over seven months ago in 2020, and it seems that adoption of the latest major build of iOS is going pretty well because according to the data collected by Mixpanel, they have found that iOS 14’s adoption is over 90%. What this means is that over 90% of eligible iPhones and iPads have been updated to the latest version of iOS.