Apple Accidentally Confirmed Four New iPads On Its Website
Update – The new iPad Pro tablets have been launched along with a brand new Smart Keyboard accessory with a built-in trackpad,According to the rumors, Apple could be working on a bunch of new iPad models. This makes sense, especially given that it has been a while since Apple refreshed some of its iPad models, so while it is currently only a rumor, it’s a rumor that isn’t a stretch […]

iPhone 12’s A14 Chipset Could Be More Powerful Than The iPad Pro
With every release of a new A-series chipset, Apple naturally improves on the performance of it. However, what was impressive is that with the 2018 iPad Pro, benchmarks found that the A12X Bionic chipset was actually more powerful compared to Windows-based PCs, at least that’s what it seemed on paper.

iPad Stock In China is Running Low As More People Are Staying At Home
As the coronavirus has forced people to stay home to work or either study, in a bid to help prevent the spread of the virus, it seems that some companies are actually standing to gain from this pandemic. Apple is one of those companies where according to a report from the Nikkei Asian Review, the iPad is running out of stock in China.

Apple’s March Event Has Reportedly Been Cancelled
A rumor from last month suggested that Apple could be planning on hosting an event at the end of March where the company is set to announce a new iPhone along with iPad and MacBook refreshes. However, it seems that the event may no longer be happening, according to a tweet by Jon Prosser.


iOS 14 Could Introduce Improved Mouse Support
ipad proWhen Apple introduced iOS 13, one of the biggest changes, especially for the iPad, is support for using an external mouse. However, even then it wasn’t necessarily an ideal experience as Apple had intended for it to be more of an accessibility feature, as opposed to a way to turn the iPad into a laptop replacement.

iOS 14 Could Turn Apple Pencil Handwritten Words Into Text
As far as styluses are concerned, the Apple Pencil is pretty expensive. However, many have praised the stylus, especially when used together with the iPad Pro. The size and the response of the Apple Pencil makes it ideal for drawing as well as taking down notes, where it could be faster to write than type.

iPad Air 3 Blank Screen Repair Program Announced
From time to time, our hardware fails. This is generally-speaking rather normal, all things considered, but sometimes these hardware failures don’t happen because of wear and tear, but it could be due to faulty components that cause them to malfunction earlier than they should.

Apple Will Now Allow Apps To Deliver Ads In Push Notifications
Ads are a common part of apps, but they are usually displayed within the app itself. However, it seems that in the future, iOS apps will soon be able to send out ads in push notifications on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. This was something that Apple had previously banned developers from doing, but it looks like they have changed their minds.

iPad’s ‘Find My’ Feature Helped Police Chase Down Suspects In Deadly Car Chase
While the iPhone and iPad’s “Find My” feature is meant to help users locate their missing tablets or smartphones, in the past we have heard how it can also be used to track down criminals. Just recently, it was reported that the “Find My iPhone” feature helped to bust a sex trafficker. Now it looks like it has been used again to help Australian police chase down suspects in a […]

Apple Sending iPad Care Packages To Its Employees Stranded In China
As far as the coronavirus outbreak is concerned, China is the worst hit amongst all the countries in the world. It’s not surprising given that the disease appears to have originated from there. This has greatly impacted many companies around the world as many rely on China and its factories for production.

Apple Could Release A Smart Keyboard With A Trackpad This Year
One of the selling points of the iPad Pro is the Smart Keyboard accessory that is sold separately. So far it only acts as a keyboard but according to a report from The Information (paywall), it seems that Apple has plans on upgrading it where a new model with a built-in trackpad could be launched later this year.

Huawei MatePad Pro 5G Is A Powerful Tablet
Just when we thought that Android tablets are obsolete, Huawei has come up with an impressive iPad Pro competitor.Of course, just because it’s an Android counterpart to Apple’s iPad Pro, some consider it as a clone to it – but that’s competition.In this case, Huawei seems to be offering something unique here.The key highlights include wireless charging, screen mirroring of a paired smartphone, and 5G connectivity.Not just limited to wireless […]

Leaked iPad Pro Cases Confirms New Camera Setup
Apple’s iPads have never really been known for their photography. While they do come with cameras, admittedly there is a good chance that most of us would probably prefer to use our iPhones rather than our iPads to snap a photo. However, this doesn’t mean that Apple will ignore this part of the tablet.

Coronavirus Reportedly Causes iPad Demand In China To Surge
Apple’s iPad has long dominated the tablet scene, but it seems that recently over in China, there has been a surge in demand for them. This is according to a report from DigiTimes who claims that there is an increase in demand for tablets over in the region due to the coronavirus outbreak.