World Tracker SMS GPS transmitter

Those who suffer from insecurity, here’s a great tool to allay those unfounded fears. The $600 World Tracker SMS is a GPS transmitter that sends SMSes to your cellphone along with the device’s coordinates for a monthly fee. When integrated with Google Earth, it can provide a photo location within 3 meters (!) of the tracking device. It can also be used as an anti-theft device for vehicles, alerting you the moment your vehicle moves more than 100 meters from its parked position. (specs below) Gear Live via Gadget Review • Geofence feature sends alert if the target moves from per-defined area.
• Location data can be reported to a cell phone using SMS messages without the use of a computer or website.
• State-of-the-art mapping using latest 3D maps from Google.
• Self contained unit-no external antenna.
• Parking and anti-theft function will alert you if vehicle has been moved.
• New GPS assist function using GSM network boosting location sensitivity when GPS signal is temporarily lost.
• Durable lightweight water-resistant housing.
• Enhanced sensitivity for indoor or outdoor reporting.
• 12 Volt DC hardwire connector included.
• Can be programmed or re-programmed from any cell phone with text messaging.
• Emergency alerts can be sent to multiple cell phones.

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