Dexpreso DEX1000 backup system

[CES 2008] Making a backup of your work or data is more than important despite many people (including me) throwing caution to the wind by thinking a hard drive failure will “never happen to me”. Why not reduce the risk with the Dexpreso DEX1000 backup system? This device is hooked up to your computer and can duplicate up to a hundred discs in a single process. You can even have a nmixture of data discs without having to change them during the backup process. I must say it looks more like some sort of espresso maker, although this machine spits out discs instead of a steaming hot cup of joe. While there are no distributors in the US just yet, the company hopes to make a deal within the next couple of months and plan to sell the DEX1000 within a price region of $600 to $700. Some of the functions include :-

  • Data backup/copier
  • ISO creation and restore
  • Disc eraser
  • Music ripper (from audio CDs to MP3, WAV and WMV formats)
  • Music CD Creator software
  • Compatible with Nero software

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